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  1. As above does anyone know if there's a large scale QE2 available? I know that Revell do a 1.1200 scale one.....
  2. Anti-glare panel. Unless your referring to the nose tip.
  3. I shall soon be approaching the point where my SR-71 needs painting and I have a query. I know it's got to be matt black but my question is do I spray it matt black, gloss varnish it, decal it then matt varnish it or can I just spray it gloss black, decal it then matt varnish it? Thanks
  4. You have no idea how jealous I am of these three. I know the Vulcan is everyone's favourite but personally I prefer the Valiant!.
  5. Isn't brake fluid supposed to be a lot less effective now because of legislation regarding the poisonous nature of it?. It's supposed to be more 'eco friendly ' now.
  6. Yep and they all have the same wheel sprue and EVERY scania is a V8, even non V8 models.
  7. This looks spiffing!, I'm ashamed to admit my Hampden went in the bin because the fuselage halve was arched like a adult entertainment lady's back.
  8. Hi, can anyone point me in the right direction to a good source of information about how to resin?. Just bought a nice cockpit set and nozzles for my 1.32 Eurofighter and I've never used resin in my life!. But the kit parts were lacking, especially the nozzles...
  9. Thanks. Ordered what I was after but couldn't find the intake covers.
  10. Hi all, I'm after some aftermarket stuff for my 1.32 Eurofighter. I've got the decals to do it in the BBMF 75th anniversary scheme. I'm after a cockpit tub, bang seat, exhaust nozzles and intake covers, also colour pe for the cockpit. Not fussed about wheel bays as I won't be looking under there. I can find the seat on eBay but not the other stuff I'm after. Any ideas?
  11. Ooooooohhhhh, was someone going to be naughty and drill through the wall to make a tunnel? Sounds fun.......
  12. As someone who is making the transition to ship modelling I can only say wow! This is the reason why! Stunning.
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