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  1. Hi... Please, who is making those decals for the A330 MRTT/ Tanker? Is it a kit? Thanks
  2. I would bet for a Lufthansa 320.... for the 321 i would say Lufthansa again or Airbus. It would be a great surprise to see Virgin America (first delivery soon), or Hawaiian
  3. I would add as well they were equipped with CFM56-5A .... means longer engine spinner and a metallic plate for the engine anti-ice outlet on the bottom rh side of engine just behind the engine inlet cowl ring. You can see it on the first picture on the first link posted by Viking..... plus on other pictures of the second link
  4. Hi Jessica! nice update! Thanks. please, what scale? regards
  5. If Level 3 is just because of missing landing gears.... what's so different from the Revell 03968 Etihad A320 .....? It's Level 3 too...and with landing gears too... Revell 03968 Instructions ( don't ask me why it's written level 3/4.... it definitely level 3 on the box) I really look forward the release date to get my hands on those new kits!!!
  6. Good news from Revell's newsletter They plan to release both A320neo (lvl 3) and A321 neo (lvl4) by November 2017. I wonder if they will include both engines this time too
  7. Good to see on Revell's newsletter they will release A320 and A321 neo by November 2017... I wonder if they will include both Ge and Pw engines
  8. It's so strange. He could do really amazing business all around the world but he prefer to be so badly remembered... Strange people in the world
  9. Please, do you have a picture? I suspect they could be the oil coolers that go under the engines for the version -200/300... but then you would need a different propeller too....
  10. I already like the position of the propellers. Frsin put the single blades in a way too easy to be broken...
  11. I'm making one right now... and I will figure out if I'll be able to replicate the extra antennas, pods, etc... with the resin. Did anyone made a "Voyager" yet? In the meantime I made the decals for the RAF and RAAF.
  12. August.....September.... October....December.... Intersting toy but I'm not sure about his "success" . The project had his first flight on 2003...
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