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  1. Nice going Dave, lots happened since I was last here and some fantastic progress, but I think I would have lost the plot trying to build the impressive AA armament !!!! The planes look sweet too!
  2. A nice collection of WW1 beauties Steve, nicely built and finished! I would be proud to have them in my display cabinet!
  3. Thanks Jean, As for the gear it does sit high, as do the hobbyboss Mig 15 and UTI. I personally don't mind, I knw a lot of others will have to change it, it would be an easy fix though as the gear is quite a sturdy moulding. Regards J
  4. F-86F-30 Maj James Jabara. Hobbyboss 1/72, airbrushed with Revell acrylics. Thanks for looking, Justin
  5. Here we are a finished Sabre! Everything went swimmingly until the decals! Didn't want to settle down with set/sol so ended up having to use tamiya thinners which worked quite well. The main fuselage yellow band decided that as soon as it touched the model that was it stuck in place, tore on moving to it had to stay put, al little too far back on the fuselage. Other than the decals a really nice build! F-86 Maj James Jabara. Thank for looking, Regards Justin
  6. Fantastic Diorama, the scene is fantastic, and I agree with the ICM figures are moulded brilliantly. The 109 looks superb, I will have to add one beside the newly acquired 1/48 Aifix Spit! I am just starting my foray into 1/48 from 1/72 (never built in anything but 1/72!) I am amazed at the detail so when I do decide on my first 1/48 I have already taken notes from your one Rob.
  7. Hi Richard, The next thing to try is changing the psi, the thinner the mix the lower the psi, so for your 70/30 mix I would be tempted to up the pressure and see what happens.
  8. Hi Richard, I use Revell acrylics, thinned with tamiya thinner around 50/50 and spray at 20-22 PSI, thats the pressure that I set on the dial, spray a couple of bursts of air and my compressor dips, so I reset at 20-22 and although it continues to dip when spraying it should return to the set pressure, thats quite normal. When I started I was having the same issue as you, fine spray, stop spraying, when I started again I would get large droplets and few large splodges. I started adding Winsor and Newton flow improver to the mix and haven't had an issue since. No dry tips, blockages or splodges. I would also suggest trying more thinner to paint as this may help too. Just did some checking as I remember seeing a mix ratio guide for Ultimate as I have some and found it on the review thread, http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234956555-ultimate-acrylic-airbrush-thinner-cleaner/?hl=%2Bultimate+%2Bairbrush The mix chart is down the page a little. It recommends 50/50 mix with Humbrol acrylics. Hope this helps.
  9. A fantastic build so far, its a pity that not much can be seen of the interior.
  10. Thanks Sean, the speed is all down to Hobbyboss, less to misalign and glue in the wrong position! Well all built and painted, Klear is drying then on with the decals and weathering. Plus the carpet monster (whom I thought had went on holiday this year as have found everything I have dropped), has claimed his first victim ! Part of the forward undercarriage door! Can I bloody find it, nope. So won't scratch a replacement in the hopes the kind monster gives it up later! More soon, Regards J
  11. Nope not that group build, but I do have an F40 in the stash as well. But I will be away with work from the end of May until the start of October so I will hopefully remember!
  12. Fantastic work PC, a veritable factory indeed. The Sabre looks spot on!
  13. Hi all, Work continues, Should hopefully have the last painting done tomorrow, plus final build in preparation for decals. Thanks for looking.
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