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  1. Thank you for them veru nice comments. Yep my swinglish works lol
  2. Allright...My first timer on a IPMS Contest IPMS Open 08 this Saturday and Sunday....and it Went.... I were very surprised myself, and very honored. and this one got a honor prize. my Oob build. Big thanks all that did participate at the IPMS Open 08 2015 in Stockholm, those who wonder what the heck 08 meaning, its the regional code for Stockholm. /Mal
  3. Thanks for them fine comments..... Yes and ill return later with a Wurger, but as ive said im waiting for the Retooled Revell Fw190F8, that looks very promising, yes....Mals upgrades on that one to..... Next stop a base plate for this one, since late war, no happy....sparse on Everything....and all that..loosing war...ill do a base for this one.... Idea is Concrete base and grey/Brown grass between and worn service cart as this one i did earlier....and yes couple of faces that havent slept in a while and no hope expressions.... As im going to do a rerun on this one....but maybe grey one instead and WORN and rusty.... /Mal
  4. A teaser...... Guncam lens is still drying I came out a model after all.... /Mal
  5. Forgot to say........ This is my interptret of this wurger...with them armour just got attached and them landing gear adjusted to the increased weight Before patch painted...late war... Werner Conradt...JG300....this is what i had in mind...but with a twist Mals Way Maybe not 100 Percent right...but in my Eyes a cool bird and Close enough....to have in the glass cabinett. /Mal
  6. Im indeed glad you ask... Them FW 190 A8 R2 they removed them MGs on the cowling due the fact the Heavy armour plates and them MK108, so they were removed, some did get them covers over them channels....some did not, so it is a matter of interpret. Increaseed armour meaned increase weight, also some had them armour over the canopy, but after and later many removed them casue the reduced visibility (condense). as can be seen on my oter A8R2...note them armoured glass and them covers for them MGs. So there is variants on them as far as i know and not exact sience.... /Mal
  7. Them inner MG 151 them on the wingroot, approx 9mm, and them outer MK 108 aprox 4mm...since it in my Eyes looks Close enough, as ive used this ilustration as a reference from theese books, as i really recomend them, they are fantastic, they cost a bit, but hey if youre in for them Wurgers....get them.... and here is a reference... /Mal Wow...thanks and im very flattered and honored, as ive only builded 3 Wurgers now...but admit...im stuck with em, mysterious ones so much to lear..... as im awaiting the Revells new tool Fw190F8 that is supposed to hit them shelfs soon. /Mal
  8. Thanks Mike..... Ill see if i can take pictures upcoming days. /Mal
  9. Small things done... Got this today.... Rigginh is done.... Pitot tube in Place....brasstube and guitar string.... And that guncam, got the lens, Kristal Klear....it will be transparent glass when it is dry.... And This Is Finnished..... /Mal
  10. More parts on their places.... That step... Them antennas.... That straigt antenna is guitar string.....perfect to do them thin ones with guitar string. Had to take outside photo natural light...yes...im the worst critic..nameley me...and yes i admit this passes Mals quality control......for now. hehe Now them things left is Pitot tube and rigging..... /Mal
  11. That rack.... Now....Them Big GUNS...... Barrel and fodder....Alutube and brass tube, slide in.... That antenna is done...the top end is fishing line....just making my models hand friendly...so things dont brake so easilly ...and when talking ww2 birds with friends and showing and discussing.... Wotk on that loop antenna.....piece of spruce will do just fine... Done... Them landing gear signal pins in Place...also them barrels, note that guncam will get paint and a lens... They shure look mighty sweet when posing together /Mal
  12. Looks very nice indeed. very nice. The FW190A8R2 is my favorite, are you going to have them armoured glasses on the canopy? As many did in fact remove them due poor visibility when it condens between them froze at the altitude.... so if mounted or not...both will look real cool. /Mal
  13. Weathering......This will do just fine for me...minor adjustments┬┤,,,specially around them drainpipe on the Engine cowling... Navlight in Place...used clear sprue...and then painted with transpaent color... Them Flaps...they go their wirst wash...more to com on theese... /Mal
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