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  1. On 1/20/2022 at 9:36 AM, Dave Swindell said:

    New bomb bay doors, fairing, tailwheel, undercarriage, cockpit interior, canopy, propellers, exhausts, firewalls, missing fuel cooler. You're just left with the basic airframe with pretty much the rest of the kit needing retooling.

    Good grief man!


    I was thinking about one of these as a PR34. What's wrong with all these bits?



  2. 8 hours ago, JeroenS said:

    You definitely have a theme going in your Blitz Builds Alan 🙂 

    Yup: I cannot figure out how anyone can do a cockpit in a blitzbuild!



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  3. I've selected the "confused" emoji, Dave, in response to your post. That is because we don't seem to have an "upset and slightly offended: that disloyalty goes through me, like a spear"-emoji!


    Finishing is relative!



  4. Hi. I'd like to complete a number of blitzbuilds from the last several years. 


    220109a Various incomplete blitzbuilds_225424


    On the far left is the Belcher Bits Polaris A1 which is pretty close but needs gloss paint, decals and details of the nozzles and base of missile painted.


    The Polaris A3 is complete.


    In the middle are tomahawk cruise missiles in flying and launch configurations buy Fine Molds. These are complete as far as the instructions go but I was really disappointed that the Gunze C307 and C308 with which its sprayed don't have nearly enough contrast. So, I want to repaint these a bit and while I'm about it I was going to make them Royal Navy specific. I also want to get them onto a base like the Polarises (should that be Polarides?).


    The white cruise missiles are an X-55 and X-55M by Amodel which I had in the recent Blitzenbuild. The missiles are complete but not gloss painted and decalled while the trolley the X-55M is sitting on has its wheels only blu-tac-ed.


    The white plane with the silver nose is the Anigrand Lockheed X-7. I was finished only to the point where it went on a stand. The cream resin bits are its trolley. Since it was "finished" it's lost a tailplane and in photographing it just now I've managed to break its engine off also! That is probably a good thing as it'll make painting the demarcation between white pylon and metal engine easier.


    I've made a start this evening in carving down a bit of the base to hold the flying tomahawk:


    220109b Spigot to hold flying tomahawk




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  5. 'Morning all. Here are two vikings just ashore and making their way through the dunes to Scarborough.


    Both FeR resin figures, albeit by diferent sculptors. They are mostly painted in oils over enamel base colours and there are a few bits that are still awaiting the oils. Some acrylics on shields, and the metal colour. Thanks for encouragement and helpful advice/infornation. Thanks for the groupbuild.


    220109b Front for GB gallery 220109c Right quarter for GB gallery 220109d Left quarter for GB gallery



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  6. On 1/7/2022 at 9:02 PM, trickyrich said:

    I have faith that you'll make it in time............. :whip:.... see no bat this time! :D 

    No bat, but that is your actual emoji-flagellum australis!


    Its a couple of days after epiphany but I have nonetheless had a revelation:


    220109a foot bust off


    There is a god, and he abhors slightly dishonest entries in groupbuild galleries. I have ignored this celestial message and painted the trousers and stuck the bits together, and the hersir's foot back on. So, here they are, finished-ish:


    220109b Front for GB gallery


    Thanks very much for the groupbuild(s) Rich, and all. A few too many things for me to learn to be entirely comfortable time-wise. More in the gallery. Roll-on Bombers, Ground attack &c. in a fortnight: Scarborough 1914 AD in planning.



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  7. Thanks again.


    I am cracking on as best as poss. I should have something for the gallery on-time although it might not be 100%


    I've painted the footprints on the base and its edges with black oil-paint and pressed the grass on top to see where the feet should go,


    220101a Black paint footprints 220101b footprint marks


    I could then cut out the foot marks and the edged edges, as it were:


    220103a Footprints cut out


    , and stick the grass to the base. I started with the feet and then, when that was dry worked my way round, trimming and sticking. Or, in the case of the back edge of the grass, sticking and trimming. All 5" epoxy.


    220105a Gluing 220105b more gluing


    One is always learning! The fur has a definite "grain", wanting to lie in the direction it is made. Where it's cut across the grain the fur along the cut comes loose and there's a bit of a bald patch , while, with the grain there's no bald patch:


    No bald patch.


    220105c No bald patch


    Bald patch.


    220105d blad patch


    Here is the bald patch filled in with 5" epoxy and bits of painted fur cut off the backing material:


    220105e filled bald patch


    At the back of the clump of grass, where there's an overhang on the base, the backing of the fur is really obvious but I am going to put some roots under the overhang and then blend them into the grass above with some earth paint/paste:


    220106a backing at overhang


    Here's the man standing in the grass before trimming,


    220106b untrimmed


    and the both of them with the grass trimmed:


    220106c Trimmed grass


    There are a couple of bald areas which need some help and I might trim the grass a bit more. It's about a centimetre now, or a scale foot, approximately, which I think is about right for dune-grass.


    A couple of things learnt are: to paint the backing with glue (PVA?) before cutting it in future: I think that would prevent the bald patches. And to use the grain of the fur better. You can see that the grass is trying to point to the left in the photo while, if there were an on-shore breeze, it would be better to have the grass coming towards the front.


    The best of it is that in this photo-angle you can't see their feet! So, I reckon if I paint the trousers. stick on the hindmost man's right hand and front man's shield, take another photo and post it in the gallery I might avoid a visit from Rich and his emoji-baseball bat...


    See you Sunday,



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  8. Hello, again.


    I had thought by last week that this was not going to be done on deadline, and spent a bit of time preparing and then failing to complete the Blitzenbuild. While blitzenbuilding I saw that we had an extension on this one. This is great. I wish I had known, and would probably not have started the blitzenbuild.


    Anyway. I had progressed these a bit before thinking I wasn't going to get there.


    211229b Bits and pieces 211229a white metal and hair


    They've got their hair painted on and the white metal axes, helmet and shield bosses. This was Vallejo Natural Steel x 2 thin coats. The hair is H110 wood and some H103 (I think) cream. These need a bit of texturing. I should be able to get the leather straps and shield bits all done before the end of the weekend.


    I spent more time on the base than the figures in the last couple of weeks. I want the front viking to be standing in/on some dune-grass and the back one on sand. I found a great explanation of using "Treemendus" fake fur for long grass here: http://www.finescalerr.com/smf/index.php?topic=1999.0 . I also found some pictures of grass on dunes on-line.


    Here is a bit of fake fur stained/painted with Mr.Color IDF green. This is one messy job, not least because of the thinners you need for Mr.Color paint. I have spent quite a bit of time repairing the kitchen table (!) Next time I'll use Vallejo and water as the link above suggests.


    211229c Grass start dyed (2)


    The problem with the fake fur seems to be hiding its backing material. As suggested by the finescale railroader I built up the front and side edges of the base with magic-sculp, albeit I'll need to deepen the ground surface more for this to work.


    211229d Edge of base built up


    That build-up of the edges, however, has meant I've had to re-finishes the edges of the base, and I can't get that to work without it cracking between to wooden base and the Das clay from which most of the base is made.


    211229e Cracked base paint


    This is such a pain! I won't be using the Das clay again. I think the problem is its porosity. The paint is black Mr.Surfacer 1500 and I wonder if some other paint might not work better. I got some stone effect spray at B&Q today, which I thought I might try in the hope of covering up the crack. It's maybe a bit too coarse, and its got white flecks in it, which I am not big on. I'll maybe just brush paint it matt enamel and then satin valllejo varnish but if I do the landscaping before the edges are OK I won't be able to spray it again so easily.


    I'll let you know,



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  9. 4 hours ago, Jinxman said:

    I don't what it says about us modellers, but I have one of those Pot Noodles - given to me as a Christmas pressie by one of my daughters - good girl!


    Good luck with the build.


    It says we have great taste but probably less than great cardiovascular systems.



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  10. Thanks your jinxfulness. I sort of made it in that I sort-of got the X-55, the flying one done albeit minus decals but although I thought I'd posted just before midnight, I missed it. I have been here before and I imagine its because of lots of activity at that time. I'm not so cross as really neither of them is anything-like finished. The trolley needed a lot more furtling than I thought: it's been designed for the X-55, I think, and needed a lot of mucking about, by blitzbuild standards anyway, to fit the X-55M


    Anyway. Thanks much Enzo for the Blitzenbuild which I have hugely enjoyed. See y'all in May.


    211229a Finished-ish



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  11. Deary dear.


    So much mucking about today, I won't be able to fit in the 7 available hours:


    211228c final restart


    This was restarting 6.5 hours before the shutters come down. 


    Here are the missiles undercoated Gunze Mr.Surfacer 1500 and I couldn't resist a bit of my favourite paint: alclad II pale burnt metal, just to waste a bit more time, you understand.


    211228d missiles undercoated and burnt metal


    Back to the trolley,


    211228e trolley progress


    No time for cooking...while you certainly can turn bad-boy in 4 minutes, you can't get enough thin coats of white Mr.Surfacer 1500, to make an X-55 white, on in less than an hour and a half!


    211228f tea and missiles white Mr.Surfacer


    Axles on:


    211228g More trolley progress.


    See you in a bit. I don't know that I'm going to get many stencils on.



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  12. Jinxman, are you ill? Are you seriously suggesting that Leeds United might be relegated? In Bielsa we trust. As they say here in Yorkshire, "I may be wrong, but I highly doubt it." You're a lot more sound on the cheese on toast. 'right up there with Steak au Poivre and Tomato sandwich with chilli sauce.


    So, the familial mucking about went on quite a while, to put it mildly.


    211227g restart


    Finally got restarted here (actually twenty minutes earlier and forgot to photograph,) and got the making of the missiles finished here:


    211227h Missiles finished


    The tailfins were a bit trying and they're going to need some filling to look OK. Here are the bits of the trolley:


    211227i trolley bits


    And here's the guts of it stuck together.


    211228a Trolley mostly


    So, I think that gives me 7 hours tomorrow, family allowing, obviously.


    Night, night.


    211228b night night



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  13. So, today so far has been quite christmas-ish because of an epiphany I just had.


    I finally got all the seams done by 11.30 when parental duties kicked in.


    211227e Restop


    It then became clear that, because of a nasty attack of cava-induced lethargy on the part of Mrs.Tura, the parental duties were not going to kick back out again. As of now that remains the case.


    I have been despairing of fitting in the remaining 11.5 hours today therefore...until...the epiphany: The blitzenbuild goes on tomorrow! Yippee! I have therefore kicked back to compose this before the next bit of parental taxi-ing.


    211227f lunch or tea


    Alta Rica, Cheese and onion on toast with Worcestershire and outstanding Polish confection.





  14. Thanks chaps. I wouldn't be too sympathetic about the ailment: pulpitis. Entirely my own fault according to Mrs.Tura and a consequence of my continuing devotion to the Scottish diet. The tablets are antibiotics and painkillers and other that irn-bru and vodka being off the menu, I'm not feeling an particular pain.


    I don't really have any progress pictures for you, as you'll see.




    Lunch: Mrs.Tura's excellent capon as a sandwich with excellent Sainsbury's mango chutney.




    Tea: Stuffing and ham, also by Mrs.T (and Sainsbury's).


    Here's my stop point.




    I stopped at midnight, and had to have a couple of family hours earlier. So, I think I've got 13 hours tomorrow.


    You could be forgiven for thinking that, other than sticking on the engine, I haven't done anything all day. However, I have spent an extremely tedious day getting rid of sink marks and seams.




    Bedtime. Night night.




    mañana, amigos,



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  15. Merry Christmas people.


    I'd like to add this, or rather, these:


    211226a box 211226b bits and obitsu


    There are two cruise missiles in the box. The one on the box-top is an X-55 and the one with the bulges, bottom right (= fuel tanks), is the X-55M. One needs to be in transport mode as there is only one set of wings and one engine in the box. There's a trolley, whose sprue I've missed in this photo, for the transport-mode one. The "Obitsu Body" thing is a base/holder for a doll-figure which I'll modify to be a stand/base for the missiles.


    This was midnight last night as you see. I thought I'd assemble the airframe pieces and brass rod to engage with the base,


    211226c airframe bits


    , and then get to bed one-ish to be up bright and breezy, glue dry, to go for the superman option....


    So, it took me till 3am to get the airframes sorted out and I woke up less-than-bright-and-breezy at 10am! The glue is very dry. I am now going for the 24 hours over three days, great escape, option.


    These were my first comestibles:


    211226d tablet treatment


    Sore teeth. I must have taken these tabs about tooth-hurty in retrospect.


    211226e X-55 stand holder


    This is the X-55 half fuselage with the wings on and the tail drilled out to take the bit of brass. It's just tacked on with superglue here and then that was re-inforced with epoxy before assembling the missiles and engine pod.


    Here they all are glued up and clamped at 3 o'clock in the bleeding morning.


    211226f glue drying


    Very late breakfast and tablet treatment:


    211226g brunch


    I do think I should be given more time, say a week, for being on tablet treatment, Enzo.


    Good to go again now:


    211226h restart


    So that's 3 hours gone, albeit 14 hours in.



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  16. Thanks Stefan. I'm glad you like it.


    Do you mean you are a yeoman sort of chap and from Yorkshire, or that you have served in, or are serving in, A squadron of the Queen's Own Yeomanry? If the latter., do you have any photos of Landrover WMIKs?



  17. Rich.


    Thanks. This thread seems to have been duplicated. There's this version, but also this: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235100744-scarborough-800-ad/ which is a lot less popular.


    Here is some progress on these chaps.


    211130a Drapery complete front


    211130b Drapery complete back



    You could be forgiven for thinking that they look exactly the same as when last I photographed them, but I've done quite a lot more shading and highlighting. The green of the back-chap is faded a bit by that, which is a relief, but it doesn't show up too well in these photos.


    I've painted up the shields. I undercoated with Tamiya white fine primer,


    211203a Shields primed white


    I managed to get some overspray on the backs of the shields. I tried to wash that off with W&N varnish remover, which didn't work at all. To my surprise turpentine has taken most of the white haze off and after a bit of wire-wooling they look OK again. I didn't photograph the overspray but here they are cleaned up again:


    211203b backs of shields cleaned up


    I read somewhere or other that the paint traces found on the shields along the sides of the Oseberg ship-burial were alternately yellow and black. I thought that would go well with the greens in these but I also thought that it would be handy, if you were on rapine and pillage hell-bent, if all your chums had the same shields. So, I've gone for this:


    211203c Shield colours sprayed


    These are Mr.Color C113, RLM04 yellow, and Tamiya Lacquer German Grey. I haven't tried the Tamiya lacquer before. It sprayed beautifully thinned with the Tamiya retarder-type lacquer thinner. The shields need fading and shading but I'm pretty happy with the basic colour.


    See you later.



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