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  1. As promised earlier, here are the pics of the current state. Sorry my bit emotional post earlier, let's call it a monday. It may look sort of finished at first glance, but a few steps are to follow, like the cover up of the windows, the nose probe (will use a guitar string for that) and probably the antenna on the tail as well as the wings, as we have some casualties on this. Also, a proper mount for the stand to make it somewhat stable. But here's for now: It does look quite pleasing, at least in my eyes, though of some of the flaws it has. Might just be that it will rest a bit before final finishing, so might take a while until I move this to RFI.
  2. That's the gold standard of us all, isn't it? (To be honest almost all of my kits have some minor parts missing, and I consider them finished, so you're in good company. Well, at least you're in my company... )
  3. Thanks, I still can sit quite comfortably, my lazyness needs a bit more than this until it really hurts, I'm afraid! I'm thinking of what to do next, maybe I'll reanimate the Tripe. Thing is, as this is 1/32 I plan to build it with turnbuckles, and I simply cant remember if i have some. Rule for my builds: in 1/48 no buckles, in 1/32 I do. So, we'll see. But I thought twice since this last post to go down, in those dark and gloomy dungeons of almost forgotten, but undead lurking kits... How about a bit of motivation from you, by showing us a build of this that can't be beaten?! So, let's go, and spread beautiful Tripehounds all over this place...
  4. Many thanks, Adam, this was a short but sometimes a bit frustrating journey, for whatever reasons. I wouldn't blame this on the kit, though it has some challenges, but nothing that couldn't be handled. At least if you're aware, and with only little experience in modelling one should be, as these areas are obvious, like the joint between upper and lower wings parts. But it wasn't an entirely happy build, maybe it's because this is far of my usual topic of WWI planes, with unknown challenges, maybe it's these strange times, I don't know. But, before I continue: If you need some parts for your Tupolew, it's possible I still have them, at least for the canards as well as the landing gear doors. Provided mail service is up I could just put them in an envelope and send them to UK, which I gladly would do. So, for the current state. I finished the decals late evening yesterday, but didn't have a chance to make photos yet. It was going ok, but had some challenges. The decals are very thin, which looks good as they lay down easily into the surface structures, what they did. Apart from the red flag, which I didn't manage to nail down, though I used the same amount of MicroSol before and after - but anyway. The long blue strips where of course a challenge, and did break on some places, as they had a tendency not to peel away of the base paper, but stick to it at the back, when you had the front already on the model. Even after minutes of soaking, where it almost starts to swim. Also they didn't 100% fit to the doors and the windows, maybe because they are so thin that they stretched a bit. This leaving some white frame on a few windows, which I will try to cover as well with some blue colour and a very fine brush. Finally, the decals are very glossy, which looks good on a desktop model on a stand, as I want to have it (so I'm fine), but if you want to create a more weathered look it might be difficult. But I seems as I will reach the finish with this and have to sit it on my desk soon. Pics will follow.
  5. Will follow this one with interest. I have started this a few years ago as well, and thinking of reviving it. Just need to go downstairs, in that dark and dirty cellar, need to find the right box I stored it away some time ago, and then die in a huge cloud of dust. Ah, yes, and get the right turnbuckles, some other parts I don't know of yet, and in general, need do motivate myself. Maybe your build will act as this motivation and be the kick into the delicate part I desperately need. So, good luck Richie, we're here to watch and help with crude ideas and useless comments, the Waldorfs and Statlers of the modelling community...
  6. Clear coated and unmasked... Now waiting for Alclad to dry, so it will stand the rain of MicroSol.
  7. Painted the tail, and dyfitting on the stand. Some smaller corrections and improvements on some parts to come, before applying clear coat...
  8. ...and I thought about building one with nose down and ears out. Here's for the bottom painted, which went significantly easier than the white top: On this picture the seam between the wing parts is visible, which by far not that prominent in reality, but can be slightly seen nevertheless. This is one of the flaws of this build; I thought about greating sort of a structure below this part, but didn't. Now I fail to fix this in a proper position. I'ts on the bottom, so not very prominent, but one knows and I'm not too hapy with this. But the colour on top and bottom turned out good: I'll try to fix this gap, and a few more detail work on the upper paint and around the engines: Then painting the rear engine area, the clear coat and then ready for the decals...
  9. And moving on with the approbriate use of some kitchen accessories... The moment when you should tell your wife that this doesn't belong to the bin: Masked...
  10. Done with the upper side and mounted the nose the last few days. Did I say I wanted only a very subtle shading on these? It's quite difficult to catch this on photos, but I'm pleased with the result in real life. My guess with decals and a final, slight wash in light brown-grey the effect will be just what I'm looking for.
  11. Finished the preshading, used the Blaugrau 79 for the bottom and the Grau 74 for the upper: I want this to be only very faintly visible, so I expect a few layers of white on top of that...
  12. Of course I could go on with this forever, until the body is just paper thin, while I still find some imperfections, but what the... - this is a russian cold war plane, not a polished piece of marble. So, plan is for the preshading today, and difficult decision for the colour. Here's for the options: (yes, I do like those Revell colours: one can use them with an airbrush (but there are better, to be honest), but with brush as well, for small corrections, dry painting, I used them for washing in the past as well - but most of all: you get them almost anywhere around here, so if you miss one very colour, you just hop into your car, go to any model store nearby, continue an hour later, and don't have to wait for them to be delivered. ) I don't wan't to overdo the pre washing, as this is supposed to be a desktop model on a stand, and will sit on my desk, but right now this is just too shiny - like from an laundry ad from the seventies... So, me dear followers; what would you point at? (Final white will be done with revell as well, which I use pretty transparent, to be considered)
  13. Putty - grinding - painting - cleaning airbrush - repeat... But slowly getting there:
  14. And here's how the clamps work did go. First of all: it seems to stay together! Then: a few things have to be worked on, as the canopy, or the front joint section: And a few things need to be covered up, just as I expected: I've expected worse, to be honest. Should be able to cover. Starts to get shape, finally. Looking forward to continue, but not for tonight, I'm afraid. Tune in again on this station, I'll keep you updated...
  15. And, btw: something I've jsut stumbled across the net: https://www.logodesignlove.com/images/guidelines/british-airways-brand-guidelines.pdf
  16. Just to be sure: you need the font for the serial, or the logo as well? And you want to know what type of font this is, or need the font-file for your PC, or Mac? I have so many fonts here, I'm sure I can find something close.
  17. And, once again, some application of basic physical laws to produce some permanent adhesion... Anyway, here's the current state if it: Used CA in the back, then poly in the front - let's wait and see how this turns out tomorrow. I expect need for some more filler, especially at the aft wing roots.
  18. Thanks guys, for your comment - and for the comment on the Mikro Mir stuff. Right now I just love to get a bit distracted from the Tu, as these sanding and working on again, and some more sanding, and still not looking good... is just a PITA! @Adam Poultney Just briefly; wow! I must admit that's quite a commitment to a specific kit, you see me more than impressed. That's partly an inspiation and partly shying me away, as i will not reach that level of perfection. But I see, the V-Bombers plan slowly is moving on... I don't care for the Bond Vulcan, though, and am quite happy with the B2 - I do love that most-kinky edge, And in the book, which I'm mostly referring to, the plane the evil ones hijacked was one "Villiers Vindicator", so no chance to build that one. But, well, then, maybe, wouldn't that be a great "What-If", combining the most distinct features of the three to one ultimate "Franken-V"? Stop it - back to the Tupolev. I found some images of the Vulcan in anti-flash white, which shows some good weathering. Will use that as well!
  19. Just googled and found, that Micro Mir have the Victor and Valliant. Oh, dammit... Any experience with these? Please tell me they are unbuildable!
  20. Many thanks, that's exactly what I am looking for. If I manage to create this effect I'll be more than happy. Beautiful build, and an interesting topic. If these birds wheren't so huge - these are in 1/72, I guess? I know that the Vulcan is available in 1/144 (and on my wishlist), but the Victor and the Valliant? Since "Thunderball" (which I read as a child) a favourite topic of mine...
  21. I must admit I'm stuck a bit in this, as it seems this somewhat out of my usual playground of small WWI birds. I've totally forgot about the perils of long, warpy parts of thin styrene, where even the smallest flaws can bevery prominently seen. So, you see me a bit grumpy these days, about not making not to much progress on this. So, here's an impression from my workbench right now... It's all to the rubbing and sanding and grinding, not the most satisfying work ever. And, which gives this even some more sting, it's not about the quality of the kit, but quite a measure of my owns fault as well. One shouldn't put clear parts together late on saturday evening, at least if you don't want to spend your sunday morning like this (not, that I have something better to do these days). or this: Also, these blueish hue over the clear parts are the masks I bought. Here you can see them over the windows: In general I'd say these are useful, just one has to be careful, as they are a somewhat stiff, and have a tendency to peel of, when slightly bended. Which is only the case in the front visor, but can be overlooked quite easily, and if you don't take care before airbrushing, there you go. So, my guess is spending the day sanding, but hope to marry the wing section with the fuselage and then start with preshading the next days. As I haven't done this on a white plane before, any ideas? My guess was a light gray on the upper and a medium gray on the lower side, just to give this only a very decent effect. But, any comments or hints are very welcome.
  22. Thanks for the nice reply, I've heard that Snoopy is happy, too! Btw: "little" build is correct for this, the DR1 is really a small plane, here compared to the others in my little circus: So, now on for the next...
  23. Thanks, Joachim, this has become a bit of a signature shot, as on afternoon the light is just perfect and reflection on the glass table comes nice. But glad you've noticed!
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