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  1. Cliff, a wonderful little build. Where did you get the 4 litre tin of Humbrol enamel? Ray
  2. Peter, Very nice indeed. I enjoyed following your build and the attention to detail. Ray
  3. Hi John, I downloaded one onto my Kindle from Amazon. Ray
  4. Tamiya has still not been exceeded in terms of performance of course dependent on what you want to achieve - drying time, price, range, availability, ease of gloss finishing , toxicity, smell, strength, and the list goes on. There was a recent discussion along a similar vein regarding Tamiya here: There are also many, many other threads on the subject. For example: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235045118-paints-for-a-new-airbrush/ Hopefully some of the specialist auto modellers' recommendations come in. Importantly, there
  5. Good combination. I agree with @franky boy and @Phantom726 advice. I have never had trouble with using GX-100 or GX-112 (the UV cut version) thinned with Mr Color Leveling Thinner as a coating before decalling and as a top coat over decals and that is with with multiple decal and kit brands. All my builds on BM are done that way. I do allow plenty of drying time between stages - minimum 12 hours before decals and then a minimum 12 hours before top coat. Shorter times are possible just that I see no reason to rush. I love the silky smooth finish and you can build to the gloss level
  6. @Ghostbase Michael, Thoughtful response. Ray
  7. The current discussion on the Lancaster BII performance reminded me of a joke told to me by an ex-RAAF pilot who flew heavies in WW2. Please bear with me if I give you some context. Being the young know it all Sales Executive for our manufacturing operation, I was attending a trade exhibition and went on to the stand of one of our major customers. This older gentlemen came up and starting talking to me. I thought, what a brilliant salesman for their company and I wondered what his position was, maybe a State Rep or Branch Manager. I asked the innocent question "What is your role?".
  8. If you have not already seen it and have an interest in this subject, which I'm sure we all do, this is worth watching. The interviews with Stanley Hooker are gold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by4lH2whhjk Ray
  9. I suppose I should of been clearer seeing there can be confusion with the author's name. Will edit to read "a very interesting paper with much reference to Air Marshall Arthur Harris's thoughts on the matter." Ray
  10. Graham have you read this paper by Stephen J. Harris "The Lancaster and Halifax in Canadian Service"? Very interesting paper with much reference to Air Marshall Arthur Harris's thoughts on the matter. https://scholars.wlu.ca/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1432&context=cmh Ray
  11. Thanks for this information. It confirms what I suspected from looking at the engine performance characteristics. My goodness, you fly the BBMF Lancaster. Ray
  12. Yes semantics. It was still a two-stage supercharger. The difference being that with the Bristol 138 you needed to add a separate blower housing with ductwork to a very bulky air-to-air heat exchanger between the stages. The brilliance of the Merlin 2-stage supercharger was a very compact package using water cooling between the first and second stage integral to the supercharger housing itself before the cooling water left to provide some additional cooling as an aftercooler for the air before it entered the carburettors like so: Source: apologies some where from the internet a
  13. I really like the work that is being done by Calum Douglas, challenging some of the previous perceptions with regard to WWII engine design and development using his fresh outlook, deep technical understanding and access to newly sourced materials. This video is really worth checking out if you have not seen it already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImEpk1s-Vk0 It is slow to start because it is a webinar made during our current COVID restrictions. I think you will find it fascinating. Ray
  14. Moving away from the OP, but just thinking about this, did Bristol develop a 2-stage supercharger? 2-speed yes. 2-stage I think not. Air cooled engines do have the problem of the size of an air cooled intercooler something which RR did achieve having the benefit of water cooling and a smaller intercooler package. With this limitation I can see why Bristol had the interest in turbocharging.
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