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  1. If it helps his name was Ron Smart, his nickname was Stinker. I'm sure they would have known each other, as I'd imagine a pilot would have to get on quite well with his fitter. He told me of the time when the ground crew were moving to Holland and the new airfield getting attacked by Me 262s, which for him and his mates was the first time any of them had seen a jet aircraft in their lives. What an introduction to the new world! J
  2. That would be great. I've got the sketch he did of the nose art, I'll have to do some digging in the loft. He also gave a good account of pre D-day squadron life and life in the forward deployed airfields post D-Day in France and Holland.He was an engineer by trade and as such was deemed too "valuable" to be used in the front line. So he was drafted into the RAF. He went up a few times to listen to engines and to know what had to be tinkered with at times. Always fondly mentions the pilots flying like lunatics just to put the willies up him. Do you happen to have any pictures of P for Peter? Cheers J
  3. Hi there, I've been doing some research on my Grandads Mitchell during the war, and stumbled across this thread. (I dabble in a bit of modelling). Anyway, he was one of the fitters in 226 squadron and the "kite" that he looked after was the Mitchell P-Peter. I interviewed him before he died about D-Day and what he was up to. This seems a very small world as it sounds like your neighbours father was my the pilot of my Grandads Mitchell. I can give you some information on the nose artwork as well for P-Peter. It was a Grim Reaper sytheing the top of a Swastika off. It would be great to see if your source material matches up with his memory. Sadly my Grandad died in 2011 so I have no more information other than the Squadron, the fact it was P for Peter and they were flying Mitchell's. Would be great to hear any updates. Cheers J
  4. Can't believe that no company has made a version of this in 1/72. J
  5. I was hoping for a Black Eagles version. Surely a matter of time? J
  6. I'm going to say DONE. Decals were brilliant considering how old the model was. Build thread - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234980764-airfix-ra-5c-vigilante-in-172/#entry2050511 J
  7. I'm going to say DONE. Decals were brilliant considering how old the model was. J
  8. Strafing beaches in a slow and low flying Lysander! "Chaps we need volunteers for a special mission. Code named 'Operation Certain Death'". J
  9. Now third coat done and masking off. Need to touch up and remask the leading edges. Then sort out the nose and rear. J
  10. Nice model. I did mine in USN grey over white. Looking back, I wish I did the aluminium, as I have loads of USN grey/white planes. J
  11. Realised that the grey didn't look right (been ages since I made a USN aircraft). I'd used Humbrol 128 rather than 129. Oops! Rectified the situation. J
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