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  1. Thanks, Guys. I never take it for granted that it would be to everyone's liking but I'm glad of the positive response.
  2. Nice job. I like the details of the padlocks on the doors. Reminds me of when I had an old Ford Escort and used locks and clasps on the doors, boot and bonnet (was a nightmare when I lost the keys).
  3. Thanks Martian. Appreciate the good feedback. I must admit that I was a little sceptical about the flickering lighting but it now seems like it was a good idea after all.
  4. Thanks guys. Really glad you appreciate it. With the rigging, if you can read a London Underground map then you should have no problems and it is not something to attempt after a whiskey or 2 (I tried it and managed to tie my fingers together).
  5. Thanks, Allyby. Much appreciated. Actually it seemed to take ages with the preparation work on the masts, cannons, deck furniture, etc, but when it came to putting it all together it took no time at all. All of the side sections could be painted and prepared before assembly with just a little touching up on the joints when glued and they all slotted into position perfectly. So much could be pre painted before assembly, it was a pleasure to build. The rigging took quite a while but once you got the hang of it, even that seemed to go well.
  6. Hi I have now added a video for this kit which can be found via the link at the top or HERE Thanks for viewing.
  7. Thanks Chris. Appreciate that, especially from a Scale Model Club member.
  8. I have now added a video for this kit. There is a link at the top or you can click HERE to access it. Thanks for viewing.
  9. Thanks Stuart and Vince for your kind comments. Glad to hear that you like it.
  10. Wow, Gerrard. That sure was quick. Thanks for the kind comment. It makes these builds so worthwhile when others appreciate it
  11. Hi For those who followed my build of this kit HERE I have now managed to get some pictures of the finished product. As with most of my builds I saw the chance of actually adding some lighting to the 3 large lanterns at the rear of the ship. It seemed a shame to waste the chance. Then I thought that I may as well add some kind of lighting to the inside. The lighting needed to look like flickering candles or flames and so I added some flickering LED's to create the atmosphere of drafty lower decks. I have added a video to show the lighting HERE. As a build, it was pretty intens
  12. Hi folks I know most people are not so keen on modern vehicles but I managed to get this kit for half price and couldn't resist. My last truck kit was the Iveco Stralis Truck Cab that I added lights to HERE I was interested in adding a trailer to it with connected lighting but I could not justify spending all that money on just a trailer when I could buy a kit with much more work and parts. Anyway, I saw this kit and thought that it would give me the perfect opportunity to add lights to both the cab and trailer. I am making more and more kits by Italeri as the quali
  13. Thanks Neil. I'm glad that you pointed that out. It was the right way round when I fitted it...........but I must have had the model upside down at the time. Anyway, I have now changed it and have added another picture at the end of my first posting. Thanks again for letting me know Thanks Neil. I'm glad that you pointed that out. It was the right way round when I fitted it...........but I must have had the model upside down at the time. Anyway, I have now changed it and have added another picture at the end of my first posting. Thanks again for let
  14. One thing about using superglue on tiny PE parts is that, should you lose a part, you will probably find it stuck to some part of your anatomy at some point.
  15. Thanks Wagtail. With your experience I'm sure you could add a lot more detail to your builds than the likes of me could. You cannot always get the right picture or video to show what you try to achieve so I have to rely on a bit of common sense or just use poetic justice (or just plead ignorance). Luckily I have a lot of photo etch stuff left over from previous builds and rely on that for all the bits I lose or totally destroy. Me and superglue just do not get on. I'm always sticking my fingers together or have to cut away skin when a PE part gets stuck to my hand.
  16. Thanks, Phil. I sure agree with that statement
  17. Thanks Ozzy. Appreciate your comments. It's a pity that there is not more modern British military stuff available in 1:35 scale. Most of it is American or German. Shame that Airfix is not into producing larger scale kits.
  18. Thanks Jim Appreciate the kind comments as always. I wanted to have the rear hatch open as it shows a lot of the detail on the inside of the door and it seemed a shame to hide it. Rather than just having a black hole to look into, I came up with the idea of the picture. I wish I had thought of Badders idea above about creating a 3D effect though.
  19. Thanks Stix. Appreciate the comments and glad you joined me on this build. I think I'm getting used to the airbrushing now..........
  20. I know what you mean about the detail. I tend to stick to stuff that I know about but most of that is based on my youth or what I can find on the Internet. I like a challenge though. Alas, down here on the south coast we don't get much in the way of military shows (except air shows) and being the only male in a family of women it's hard to get any family interest. Motorhead? Amazing. I saw Status Quo at Shepherds Bush in the 70's and went deaf for two weeks afterwards. Seen them many times but they've toned it down a little now. Went on to seeing Saxon, Rainbow, ACDC and Queen. No p
  21. Thanks Dave. Really glad that you found it useful. I get most of my idea's from what others have done or posted and adapt their idea's into my builds.
  22. Thanks Badder. I studied some video's of this before I started and the way the real one rocked on its suspension when it fires is just amazing. Would like to see what would happen if someone left the handbrake off. As for being on the receiving end of one of those shells, well........................ Great idea about the interior. There is plenty of space for doing that. Would be even better with a small LED inside too. As for scratch building the interior, here is a picture of the interior for the real thing, but I think you'd have to see inside and take a lot of pictures to
  23. Thanks Steve I'd definately give this one a go. It is a nice relaxed build and there are plenty of options for creating scenes as there are so many hatches and storage doors to leave in the open position with a little modding. I may look at this again in the future for that purpose.
  24. Hi again everyone. After the build of the Revell Pirate Ship, I felt like going back to doing something military again. Among my kits I had the Trumpeter British 155mm AS90 Howitzer so decided to go for that. On the whole I'm warming to other manufacturers as some seem to do as well a job as Revell usually do. it's quite a good kit to build, minimal flashing of parts and there is a lot of nice details. I bought the photo etch for it to just to add those very small details. I followed the tips already provided on other members builds to lessen the chance of errors and below are my a
  25. Hi Folks Once I get some decent photo's done without all the background stuff I will make a post to let you know. Thanks again for following. Kevin
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