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  1. Now onto the shrouds. It may only be me, but I liked the way Revell have done these. Though they may be over-scale, they are sturdy and allow for some good detail to be painted. Managed to get the masts in place. At last, it's looking like a proper ship. I was thinking about rubbing them down and adding real rope (as I've done before) around the masts but after painting a few, I could not see any real benefit and decided to paint the detail already on them. While talking about the masts, I accidently mixed the parts up when spraying them but I think I have sorted them out into the correct heights, etc. Time will tell. I like the way the blocks are seperate from the shrouds and are assembled so that they 'swing'. When you fit the shrouds to the masts, the blocks move so that you can align them properly before actuall fixing them permanently. The main shrouds fitted and some of the blocks are in place. At last. The beginning of the rigging. Seems like a lot of detail is within the instructions so fingers crossed. The next step will be the sails and the rigging. The sails are painted and drying and I've plenty of cotton/thread from previous builds, so I won't have to worry about running out of that. Looking at the instructions it looks daunting but appears organised in the instructions. It seems you start at the front and move backwards and as Jockster advised, I will bear in mind about working from the inside out. After spending about a week spraying everything and getting everything ready, I cannot believe how quick it all went together. So far only a few joints need touching up as the side panels overlap. So much better than just having the whole side as a one-piece with the hull.
  2. Thanks Jock. I found that it is one of those builds where you spend days and days preparing, spraying, etc, all of the pieces and then suddenly the hull, decks, side panels, etc, are put together in no time. Sometimes i find it frustrating that you don't seem to have anything to show for it but as soon as you start building, the pleasure comes back and everything takes shape. I don't know if others feel like that?
  3. Thanks Steve. Glad you appreciate it. Since I got my own airbrush kit it has really helped with the finishes.
  4. After a lot of spraying and preparation it's finally coming together. The saucy ladies are painted and just need touching up in a few places (nothing rude intended) and the figurines for the aft are done. There is a lot of nice textures in the detailing and quite a lot of detail to pick out. Nice'n'clean.......no strings attached yet. Lifeboat and accessories in place. Strange how it is not roped down to the deck........ Canon fittings applied. Noticed one mistake to rectify. Not clear in the instructions but have just found a more detailed picture on the Internet. Decided to fix the lifeboat to the deck as I have seen on other ships. White swan fixed in place now. Nicely detailed. Another plus for Revell. The masts are drying in the background. Looking forward to fitting those.
  5. I think it would be worth it as the detail is very good, especially if you wanted to add weathering to the kit. So far everything fits perfectly so should not be much use for filling.
  6. Thanks Jock, I will do that. Going by the instructions it looks like trying to find your way around London with a paper street map (have done that so I should stand a chance getting it close)
  7. I like the way the decks go together before inserting them into the hull. Preparing for the lighting by adding foil to reflect the lighting. As they are not to be seen, I just knocked up some LED holders on the quick. Cannons on the lower deck fitted. Side panels on, so nice that they fit perfectly. Well done to Revell. The rear panel will be the last to be fitted as that will give me access to the lower hull to store the wiring, etc.
  8. Thanks Jock. I am impressed with the amount of detail on this kit already. As for the rigging..........not looking forward to that yet.
  9. And now for something completely different............ I usually post mostly vehicles on the forums (with added lighting, etc) but I decided to go for something different this time. My eldest daughter kept pestering about doing this pirate ship and so, for a quiet life, I went with it. I've done a couple of galleon builds before but I was suprised at the size of this beast and the complexity of the rigging. Always up for a challenge I looked at how the rear 3 lamps could be lit and maybe also the insides. Rather than go for bright lighting I am going to go for a dull flickering effect so as to give the effect of cold drafty lower decks. Well, less chat and on to the build........ Firstly, the Big Box.......Compared to my size 10 boot at the bottom. Work station ready with the tea supply. A lot of kit and surprised at Revell supplying actual plastic sails. They look quite good actually. Starting with the decks and end panels. Not going for a weathered look with this one Picking out the fittings details Canons built. There's a lot. Assembled, painted and awaiting action.
  10. Thanks Celt. Glad you liked it. It was a nice kit to do as a fill in before my next project.
  11. Hi Guys I had a fews days and felt like doing something simple before my next build, so I settled for the Tamiya SAS Jeep. I am getting to like Tamiya more now as the kits seem to be of quite good quality. It was a nice easy build and gave me an excuse to practice my weathering technique (being a newbie). Below is the finished item which I hope may just compare to the other Jeep builds on here. I will be back in with my next builds in the new year as I have a few kits coming from Santa (Revell Pirate ship, King Tiger with interior and more)
  12. Thanks Phil. I've just done a 'fill in' kit until my birthday of a 1:35 SAS Jeep. I may put it on here sometime soon.
  13. Ah! That was when men were men and faced their enemy. I don't think those days will return.........
  14. Thanks Badder. I don't think my heart could take that, having someone stand that close and hoping my camo would hide me enough.............think I'd just get up and run, run, run........... Re: The enamel washes, sounds like a plan. What do you dilute them down with? The usual thinners? If so, what sort of dilution mix would be wise? I mainly use acrylics so would like to give it a go. Cheers Kevin
  15. Thanks, Phil. I'd really like to do another fire truck but the choices are very limited. So, my next builds will be a King Tiger and a Pirate ship kit. Maybe by Christmas there will be more choice.
  16. Lucky you. I bet the sound of them starting up was amazing. I'm going to have to go to a tank museum someday soon.
  17. Thanks Ivan-o Funny you should suggest that. I watched a video of someone doing just that and it looked great. Alas, when I tried it on a previous kit I either made the mix too thick or too watery and just couldn't get it right so gave up. I am just getting used to weathering and now I have made my own tarps so the next stage would have to be trying the wash again. As I've found before, I seem to do better when I actually buy a product that is made especially for the job. I have tried to cut corners with cost and it seems to backfire on me. Thanks for the suggestion though. Appreciate the feedback.
  18. Thanks Badder. I know what you mean. I actually watched a video of someone creating those tabs and it did look good. I wasn't up to it at the time but I may just go back and give that a try. Cheers
  19. Thanks Widow. I think that, sometimes, less can be better. In my early days (in the 60's) of building tanks, I remember watching tank maneuvers on TV where the tanks had no skirting and you could actually see the individual suspension units working on each wheel. Amazing sight to see. Today with all the armour plating, you miss most of that.
  20. Thanks guys. Appreciate the great feedback. Cheers
  21. Thanks Ozzy. I used to be very wary of doing camo on figures as it never seemed to go right. Then I just got the hump one day and just kept dabbing the figures with several colours and, believe it or not, I discovered that my problem used to be that I fussed too much. Now I just keep dabbing and eventually they seem to come up fairly ok. Kevin
  22. Hi Dave I used the Eduard photo etch set for this build. I know it does not come cheap but it really adds realism to any builds that require nets. It really enhances the vent grills at the rear of the tank too.
  23. Thanks Jay. Much appreciated. Last month was just a nightmare. One good thing was that I became a lot fitter going backwards and forwards to the hospitals and taking care of all the housework. The bad part was losing so much time finishing this build.............and the wife and sister's problems (of course)...............
  24. This is my Challenger 1 MK 3. It is mainly how it came from the box, with no alterations regarding accuracy except for the addition of PE parts. My knowledge of tanks is very limited and I didn't have the time to study the real thing in detail on the Internet, but I did attempt for the first time to create my own camo netting and tarpaulins instead of paying out a lot of dosh. Using poetic justice I did create some covers for the side accessory pods. Though it may not be real, I thought it looked ok. So, I hope you enjoy viewing the photo's and look forward to any comments, good or bad, as they make us better at what we do. To follow the build in the WIP forum please click here
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