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  1. Actually, Pete, I did see some video's of people using foil. I just thought I'd ruin the grill if I tried it for the first time, so let it be. As Manuel used to say....'I learn, I learn.......I from Barcelona.....'
  2. Thanks John. Adding the engine was a sort of after-thought and it was too late to change the spring settings. But I may just have a cunning plan.............watch this space
  3. Well, this was a shock for me too and very annoying. Anyway, I have now downloaded all of my pictures (even though I had copies) and uploaded one final picture (shown below). Anyone who visits my Photobucket account will now be greeted with this message. Maybe others would be wise to do the same? I will, over time, try to edit my posts on here to include the pictures again. I am a patient man but I am not a mug. Take care folks.
  4. Hi folks. It's been a while since I last posted anything as I have have to concentrate more on my business. This is one of the many kits that I received from good ol' Santa. I decided not to add any lighting or anything and to pretty much build it out-of-the-box with my own colour scheme (Ford Gold). This is the first Ming kit that I've made and, overall, I was quite pleased with everything. The only downside was that no chrome parts were included and as these kits cost that little bit more, I was disappointed as Revell include chrome parts in a lot of their kits for less
  5. Hi everyone. It's been a while since I last posted as I've had to concentrate on getting my new design business going. I have just finished this nice little number from Meng. I haven't done one of their kits before and wanted to see how well they were moulded, etc. I must say the extra cost seems to be worth it as there was no sign of flashing and the plastic compound was nice to work with. Detail was pretty good though some chrome parts would have been appreciated (especially the grill section). For the price this was a disappointment as Revell include it in some of their kits which
  6. Amazing! Some really good effects to bear in mind. Love the atmosphere that was created
  7. Thanks Brian. I take it that you also test drove these cabs? Must be a joy to drive I'm sure. I envy you there. The internal details were quite good, with all the storage areas on the dash and above the driver and passenger seats. I was thinking of opening them up to show a TV and microwave but decided against it as they could not be seen from the outside. I did add a built in Sat Nav to the dash though and made a large storage box (that could be pulled out) which went between the seats but under the bed as shown in a video that I saw. The kit just had a big open hole there, w
  8. Thanks for the information. It is much appreciated. Not being a trucker myself I was unaware of these regulations, except the rear warning plates that are always displayed. Before starting the kit I did study hundreds of pictures but did not pick up on that particular rule. After doing a search on the Internet I was actually amazed at the amount of regulations that cover what these trucks carry. It must be a nightmare for haulage companies. Dare I say that I found it all so interesting? I will definately update my build and post a picture on here as soon as I get time and am gra
  9. I've done some of the Dapol kits when I had my model railway and they are really decent kits. I seem to remember that they had a big fire many years ago and most of the moulds were ruined but they rebuilt most of them over the years. They have a good range too for railway connected things. I think you're right about getting both kits from different era's and mixing them. Mind you, with modern technology now, you could probably run off some decent decals.
  10. Thanks Billy. I feel guilty now about moaning about it so much. Never expected such good comments from everyone. I must admit some of the figures have dodgy eyes but I say that is down to riding in an open top bus through the streets of 1910 London. Cheers Kevin
  11. Actually Chimpion, you have a good point there. Though you would need a lot of patience, it would be a good starter kit as you would sure learn a lot from correcting the imperfections and could carry that experience on to future builds. I think my problem was that I expected it to be a simple relaxing build and was not in the right frame of mind. People say I'm temperamental. I don't really have a temper so I must just be mental...........ha! ha!
  12. Thanks. Appreciate your comment. As I mentioned before, I think weathering could spoil this kit. I tend to go by memory and experience with the kits I build. Alas, I cannot quite remember seeing these on the roads in London.............. ha! ha!
  13. I've seen some of those 'wordy' instructions on the net, Alan. I have tried several times to read through one of them but kept dozing off before I get halfway through.......zzzzzz ha! ha! Gawd bless for pictures
  14. Thanks, Gerrard Actually, once built it is a nice clean looking kit and one that may not look so good if weathered in any way. From memory Hornby took over Airfix years ago and a lot of their kits were built in China and India before being brought back to the UK for manufacturing. Now that Hornby own it I don't think they would spend too much money on building new moulds, though they are bringing out new one's gradually. The problem with Revell is that most of their kits are of German/Russian/European items. I think there would be a huge market worldwide for kits of historical buildings,
  15. Thanks for your comments. I see that on Ebay they are selling the old red plastic kits of the bus and fire engine. I have an old Kitmaster 1961 Evening Star kit stored away and the plastic seems to be in top condition with no flashing or anything. I look at building it but then decide not to because it is such an old kit and, once, built, it will just be another kit on display and will lose that special appeal. Too sentimental? Sorry about that, ha! ha! I even bought the Dapol Evening Star so as not to have to build the Kitmaster one.
  16. Wow! BB. Now you're showing your age, ha! ha! I used to love watching those programs as a kid. They reminded me of when I used to stand outside Brixton fire station all day long waiting for the engines to roar away (slowly).
  17. Thanks Alan. Appreciate the encouragement. Alas, as I said before, I think I've been spoilt over the years. Sounds like this would be the prefect build for you and would we well worth a go. The price is quite reasonable now too. I'd love to get hold of the old Dennis Fire Engine that Airfix made They have it on Ebay for about £25 and even that seems to come from a similar mould, as you can see a lot of flashing and warped pieces.........mmmmmm.......maybe......... Cheers
  18. Thank, Celt, The point of view seems far better than I thought it would be.
  19. Thanks AD I think I've been spoilt for far too long and needed this lesson.......ha! ha!
  20. Thanks Gorby That would explain the problems. I used to be an Injection Moulder and some moulds are really expensive so no wonder they re-used them. The cost of repairing them would compare to buying a top range car.
  21. Hi Everyone. It's good to be back. I wanted to have a break from building something and adding lights and so decided to make something simple and relaxing. If any of you feel like doing the same................do not get this kit!!! Before building this I checked out other members builds and saw how amazing they were. I read about the quality of the plastic and the flaws people found so as to learn any lessons beforehand. Why didn't I take more notice? I've been building kits for over 48 years (all makes) and this must be the worst. The injection mould must have been
  22. Thanks, guys. Really appreciate the good feedback. For anyone wanting to try building a galleon I would definately recommend this kit. The main kit goes together very well, with very little correction required. As for the rigging. The instructions take you step-by-step through sections and with some patience (and the willingness to walk away for an hour when things seem to be getting too heavy) it is a pleasure to build. The size means that there are very few small pieces to worry about. Thanks again guys
  23. Thanks, Glynn. With the amount of switches and accessories on the steering wheel, they probably couldn't find the indicators. Before building this I studied a lot of video's and when you see the luxurious cabins you can understand why they crawl along so slow at times. They just look so amazing to drive and seem so comfortable that I don't think I'd want to get to my destination in a hurry. They have everything inside that you could wish for, TV, stereo systems, microwaves, etc. Home from home.
  24. Thanks, Wayne. Like everything, it you spend some time planning it, it makes it easier. I always used to be a good map reader when travelling all over the UK and that sure came in handy. At times I had to use two sets of tweezers at the same time and I was never any good at holding chopsticks, so I had I managed to get tangled up many times.
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