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  1. Thanks for the large picture. It will be a great reference tool. Like you, I was gifted this kit. A friend who lives in the USA sent it to me as they are so hard to obtain in the UK. The problem with trying to recreate a boat like this is that most decent reference material is in black and white. There are only a few coloured pictures of the real thing and these are usually paintings that people have done. Having said that, I think it allows you some give and take regarding accuracy and most people have put their own twist on their builds. So I think you can get away with things not being totally accurate.
  2. To be honest the Lindberg kit is not too bad to put together once you get used to the flashing on some of the parts and there is not a great deal of detail but, overall, it is a build that I am enjoying as I have not done a paddle steamer before. The good thing is that you start from the hull and just build up each deck as you go along. While gathering info from the Internet I saw some builds where people had used the add-on parts and they really do bring a lot of detail to the kit especially the wooden decking. So I think that was a good choice of yours. For glazing I used thin pliable clear plastic often found from products received in the post or in the shopping trolley. Are you posting any pictures?
  3. Moving on now, I thought it strange that the boardwalks around the boilers didn't have any guard rails supplied in the kit, so decided to add them from my spares box. The name and paddles are painted. Very little is seen of the paddles which is a shame. The rear cabins. As usual I have added a mirror paper around the walls, floor and ceiling as this helps spread the light around the whole 'room'. A test run of the rear lights to check for light leakages. Roof not secured yet, I had to open all of windows up as they were all blocked in but from a distance they look ok. I also added glazing to the windows as none was included in the kit. I think that even in those days they must have had glass.
  4. Thanks, Molly. I will have a look at that store to see what other bits would be useful with my builds. At present I use kynar wire which is very thin and flexible. It is used in game controllers, mice, etc, and is a reasonable price. As you say, the kit is open for many variations. I've looked online and there are so many different versions of these boats but I am just going with what I think looks right, without it looking too modern.
  5. Thanks for your interest. It is an interesting project I must admit. In some places it is easy to add lights but now I am finding it challenging to place lights in areas where they cannot be seen. More pictures coming soon as I've been doing a lot of prep work.
  6. Now the actual build begins. The boiler and cabin are in place along with the upper deck supports.
  7. Hello once again. I was sent this kit by a special friend in the USA who knew of my interest in the River Boats of the deep south and I wanted to create something special for my own views mainly but I'm hoping that others would also find it interesting or inspiring. The plan: To add lighting wherever I can to illuminate it in the style that they were seen when operating on the river. I don't know for sure what I will be able to achieve as I am basically trying things out as I go along. It could be a bumpy ride or it could be very educational for me but, whatever happens, I will share it with those who are interested. It may not be historically correct but it will be as I would have thought these boats would have been back in that era. So, come aboard shipmates and let's set sail.............. I've cut out the middle section to allow for storing of the wiring The Hull has been fixed to the deck and deck supports added that were not included in the kit. This is the underside of the boiler unit. I opened a couple of the boiler doors and added a flickering LED to create the impression of a fire burning. This is a video of the effect These are the log piles which sit by the boiler and are used to create the steam required. The boiler and log piles in place but not fixed yet. Deck has been painted now.
  8. Hi James If you click HERE it will take you to my Flickr page showing the finished cab and some diagrams of how I did things. It should work now but if you have any problems just let me know. From that page you can also see the other truck builds that I did. I posted diagrams in most of them too. The cabs may be different but the concept for adding lights is basically the same. Let me know what your Flickr page is as I'd like to follow it.
  9. Hi James Did you get your kit? What do you think about adding lights? The main thing is to just take your time and look at the best ways to insert the LED's and where the wire will run. I painted everything black on the underside as this helps to hide a lot of sins (bits you have cut away, etc).
  10. Hi James, you are welcome. Sorry for the delay but I have now updated all of my Flickr accounts and reorganised them. All of my truck pictures are now together HERE . I have now posted all of work in progress pictures with their respective models too. If you look at all my truck cabs you will see that they are very similar and it will give you more references to work from. To work the lights I ran enough cable from the cab to a plastic enclosure box where I mounted all of the on/off switches. If you are going to make a diorama you could route the wires under the display board and mount the switches on the side perhaps? I always use 4 AA batteries and locate them in the switch box but you could use smaller batteries if needs be. Hope this helps.
  11. Hi James. Thanks for letting me know about the missing links. I have now updated them all and they can be found on my first post at the top. This kit is the Revell one. I have done other Italeri truck kits and they are very similar quality wise. With the Revell kit I had no problems with flashed parts or bad fitting but, like you, I study the Internet for reviews, previous builds and content examination. From what I can remember I used 3mm LED's for the front main lights and for the side panels and rear lights I used 1.8mm LED's. The wiring that I used was Kynar wire as it is very thin and easy to route through tight places. You can get it on Ebay. The only other thing I remember is that I had to cut out part of the fuel tank (that goes behind one of the side panels) to fit the LED's in. I hope this information helps. Kevin
  12. Thanks, Jeroen. There is so much material available on the Internet now for creating these conversions and it's amazing when you see what people have done with the real thing.
  13. Thanks for your nice comment. I must say that this kit is ideal for conversions of all types.
  14. Thanks Jeroen. Will let you know when the house warming party starts, ha! ha!
  15. Thanks Chimpion. Appreciate your comments. I have now added a video and a pictures link to the main intro if you are interested.
  16. Hi Everyone This seemed the perfect kit for doing many conversions so I decided to go for the camper van look with my usual detailing of adding working lights. I converted the inside and created a kitchen feature with built-in cupboards, oven, drawers, sink with taps and a microwave. I also added a removable table top and double bed along with an extending awning on the roof and roof rack. As this kit was built on an older model I only added working side lights, headlights, brake lights and indicators. Lastly I added the roof rack with luggage over the front cab. Building this kit, everything went together perfectly and it was a big help being able to add the glazing from the outside after the body was assembled. There was no flashing on the sprues and included were plenty of chrome parts with a lot of detailing. As I said before, there is plenty of scope for creating more versions of this bus and now that there is a panel van also available the idea's are numerous. More pictures are available HERE including some Work in Progress pictures and a video of the lights working. I hope that you enjoy the following pictures and my adaptation of a very popular vehicle still being used today and look forward to your reviews. With side lights on Headlights Indicators Rear side lights Rear brake lights
  17. Hi Everyone I thought I'd include some of the pre-finishing pictures here so that you can get a better view of the inside before adding the roof. The finished pictures and a link to a video showing off the lights will soon be available in the RFI section. THe pictures are now available in the RFI section HERE. Thank you for viewing.
  18. Thanks, Spiny. It is looking good with the wife. I'm looking at this picture and something does not seem right with the colour scheme. I think I;m going to make some adjustments..............
  19. Thanks, Jeroen I agree. A great kit to build and it has so many possible conversions.
  20. Thanks. Really appreciate that. She is fine now. One of the lucky one's and it certainly makes you revalue life. Anyway, I enjoyed this kit as it was of a larger scale and a lot easier to mod and add lights to. There was no flashing on the sprues at all and the parts went together very well. The glazing fits well (inserted from the outside) which seems to be the norm with Revell now. That way there is less chance of spoiling them when assembling the body. All of the doors actually work properly and just 'snap-on' to the 'hinges'. Overall a great kit. They now make a panel van so that could be a good project for the future.
  21. Hi everyone Well, it's been a while since my last posting as I've been dealing with my wife's breast cancer treatment, etc, but I have not been idle. I've done a few kits here and there which I hope to get on here soon. In the meantime this one I have now nearly completed. As usual I have added working lights but, this time, I have modded the inside to convert it into a camper van with an extended roof and luggage rack. All I have to do now is connect all of the wires to a switch box and it will be ready to post in the RFI section. Here is just a little sample:
  22. The thought about the shower made me laugh, thinking how I would manage to have a shower in one of those cabs with my 6ft 4inch frame............ I know some of the American owner drivers actually live in their rigs but they are like twice the length of the trucks here. How do they manage to power all of those accessories?
  23. Thanks, Brian. Appreciate your comment. I'm sure that you are amazed by how much these cabs have changed over the years? I've never had the chance to actually look around these cabs but looking at videos they look incredible with all the mod cons inside.
  24. Thanks. I really appreciate that. I wasn't totally convinced about the colour scheme but so far it seems people like it.
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