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  1. Looking forward to following along with this build it will be good to see how you approach it after following @JohnWS build looking like a great start. Stay Safe beefy
  2. Hi Ned not quite sure we are seeing the same thing here. Built as per instruction sheet with the triangle frame toward the aft of the turret same as your image. I know that the trolley would be at the other end of catapult for launch but when the aircraft was launched and then recovered the crane jib would load to the nearest point. So my story is aircraft out spotting and trolley awaiting loading while turret returned to centre point and I will be sticking to that theory thanks for the input though I need all the help I can get. Stay Safe beefy
  3. Great work and stunning bow waves. Stay Safe beefy
  4. Small update after a weekend away at the lakes doing some walking with missus b and the dog. Built up the aircraft catapult for the aft turret then added the shield and supports then added more bridge railings. Stay Safe beefy
  5. Great work Pascal enjoy watching your projects come together. Stay Safe beefy
  6. Cracking build just caught up with this looking forward to seeing the paint stage. Stay Safe beefy
  7. looking great Nick and lots of info from the resident experts I see. Stay Safe beefy
  8. Very nice details on the forward gun beefy
  9. pushing well on with this one now Steve looking great and very detailed. Stay Safe beefy
  10. You might have a point there. Not quite the names I have been calling it. Slow progress hull painted Home fleet Grey and boat deck getting some attention. Stay Safe beefy
  11. What a shame to cover all that great PE work the things we modellers do for gratification. Stay Safe beefy
  12. Cracking job on the hatch details now have you been counting all those rivets to check the count from @Brandy and @LorenSharp just checking. Stay Safe beefy
  13. Third time lucky adjusted all three again and that is it no more adjusting so onto primer and deck paint and some work on the bridge sections while waiting for the oil washes to dry use base coat of deck tan and then raw umber oils and sky grey thinned enamel paint. I wanted a dark finish just like the photo Mike posted of the forward anchor chain area . Stay Safe beefy
  14. Cracking job on the catapults Steve looking sweet. Stay Safe beefy
  15. Some very fine micro work on this build cracking finish. Stay Safe beefy
  16. That make two of us noted in the book of good ideas great stuff. beefy
  17. Well gent's @Chewbacca and @bootneck thanks for keeping me right @Our Ned has it spot on my mistake wrong way around the skids have now been removed and re positioned (Note to self read the instruction more ) Thanks for the help it is always appreciated having all your experience on this site. Stay Safe beefy
  18. That is looking great shaping up to be a special diorama. Stay Safe beefy
  19. I think it is looking rather Clapped out good with that rust stuff isn't he. Stay Safe beefy
  20. Those things on the hull side are my interpretation of the drain pipes along each side of the hull there is a picture of them at the bottom of page one of this very thread from the RA Burt books. . Renown also looks like she had them on the torpedo bulges great reference material for anyone who can read them. . Small up date on the build managed to get the breakwater built up. Stay Safe beefy
  21. Know what you mean Stuart funny how the dark nights turn us in to nocturnal model builders. Small progress barrels replaced I think OK and also managed to patch up some of the mould problems with scrap PE fret. Stay Safe beefy
  22. Well they look a bit of a fiddle looking great there Steve enjoying get these reference bits from you. Stay Safe beefy
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