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  1. Have you sent that to the Misidentified...sorry The Discovered Channel at all? All I seem to get lately in their programming are ex Military Acid Heads bleating on about some kind of fashionable theory that any coloured flashing light in the sky can't be man made? And they have the proof to boot! Oi Vey!
  2. All I can say is that somebody would have had hot pants long before Rod Stewart! Nice to see the internals of the gun bay though!
  3. Some absolutely fantastic photographs David. As the Special Hobby F.Mk.20 was at Hal Far when dad was, and as he was also at Sanderling after that he would have at least touched a Sea Hornet, amongst other bits and pieces All I will say is a big thank you, especially for the cockpit clarifications...wot you see is exactly wot you get. Doh! All model manufacturers please note. Research is actually required! Happy Bunny! Well it is Easter; Covid or no Covid Egg!
  4. If I saw your model in a museum, I guarantee I'd be ogling it for ages. Very nice.
  5. Excellent work. I like the clean finish you've achieved. It displays how nice these kits look. Must try one and hope it turns out better than an old Pit Road O class I seem to remember making about 30 years ago. Thank you for a great share.
  6. I was thinking the same. I assume from the ship tail code HMS Victorious and then the RAF camouflage make this a piece of returning kit, which the 'pussers' just had to 'blend in'. At a guess a retired Hong Kong cab. Do you have a reference for this Koralik64?
  7. That can easily be remedied thorfinn, but I'm wondering more about where the spotter aircraft are. I'm awaiting this kit in the post so I'll try and keep you on your perch.
  8. Thank you too. The more we share these old manual drawings, the less they become rocking horse and therefore exorbitantly overpriced by the nerds who think they struck gold!
  9. FH-1 Phantom or F2H-2 Banshee? As I too bought KH's F2H Banshee on a whim, I must say, whenever I get round to it, I'm not too bothered about having to do many extra hours of work trying to rectify Mr. Song's errors after reading some of the posts above. But having looked at the comprehensive set of photographs and article here... http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?7392 It seems we have a bit of a hybrid interpretation of the materials at hand. Perhaps KH have mixed up the 2 a/c. However, the challenges aren't too daunting even if having paid for a shake and bake kit, we've got to go a little further. Nice mouldings.
  10. Similar thoughts Dave...well spotted. Maybe a chance for the exhibitors to have a fashion parade along a very long catwalk I have to add.
  11. I have to agree especially after taking a special trip to see the Scimitar that once sat on deck...only to find it had been moved ashore. Loved the ship though. Thanks F-32...the Midway has just gone on my bucket list, along with the Alabama even if she's a BB.
  12. Kit bashes it seems were never a new thing CB...especially when sozzled! I know...
  13. Having a very large scale copy of a blueprint...for 'finishing' purposes, of a Westland Wessex HAS Mk.1...upon which was accidentally spilled...in 1963/4...the actual paint variant: I shall sell at a very handsome price...paint chips to the highest bidder!!!! Wha...? But seriously...Oxford Blue is the original service application on 814/815 Wessex. (815 being the 1st, and Boyd Trophy winner, with the Wessex HAS Mk.1 in 1962) Later Whirlwinds may have succumbed to the 'gradual/immediatisation' of the Battle of Britain success decades before, from which the dictat that all FAA successes were to be attributed to the 'RAF Red Arrows' naval aerobatic team...if only in name alone but certainly not by colour. (?)
  14. Cheers WIP...so we all now know, it is attributed to, but not the actual configuration a/c that 'Winkle' landed. So I go with Chromate a/f and prototype yellow undersides! Don't say sky!
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