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  1. That might be helpful. So if anyone got the instructions for the Airfix & Kitty Hawk Jaguars, it would be very nice if you could share with me.
  2. Thank you Des! the link was partwise helpful!
  3. Hello John, thanks for the offer. Is it only for the paint scheme and General used Symbols. not exactly About their Position and style on Jaguar Gr.1 I need Infos about the stencils (and their Position on the Jag), not the paintsheme and general symbols itself. Anyway, thank you for your offer to help. Cheers, Carlo
  4. Dear modding community, I´m in Need of help. I´m searching for references about the stencils / maintenance markings of the SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 in camo & Grey sheme. I already did Research on the net (walkarounds etc) but i still got not all catched (a specially from the underside). Can anyone please help me? Kind regards, Carlo
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