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  1. @canberra kid is there a WIP thread somewhere on that very nice model of WT333? I have been trying the search engine without any luck.
  2. Thanks for all you information. The amount of detailed information that is surfacing is impressive! I want to make the build as straightforward as possible and for me that rules out building a CA kit. Puttying and sanding is just an uphill hike to the great paint booth peak I'm thinking the right way to go about this is to use as much as possible of the Airfix kit, get the T17 nose from AlleyCat and maybe the canopy out of the CA kit.
  3. Hi! I need some advice from those of you that are familiar with the Alley Cat Canberra conversion sets. I like the mean look of the T.17 Canberra and recently found a Classic Airframes kit at my local store. I had my doubts about it, but when offered it for free if i bought the new Airfix (10101A) i jumped the deal. Now I wonder what is the best way to ending up with a T.17. Somehow use the CA nose on the Aitfix kit or scrap the CA kit and get the Alley Cat conversion? If anyone of you has ever used the Ally Cat set on the modern Airfix kit I would appreciate any word on the experience. From my understanding the Ally Cat set is designed before the new Airfix came around, and probably to fit another kit?
  4. Beautiful model. I really like the finish! What is the secret to achive such a nice white paintjob? Are the panelines brought out with a wash or did you use a pencil?
  5. Thanks Jessica. I see that Welsh also makes a undercarrige set. It is probably a good investment for this aging kit. Does anyone have any experience with that set? My experience with resin is that it can be quite brittle. Perhaps to brittle to hold a model this size?
  6. I see that Braz also have the same engines. How does the two compare? Will one of them fit the Revell kit better than the other?
  7. Only PW engines, really? Is the difference between these engines just a matter of early and late cowlings?
  8. Thanks Turbofan! Perhaps I'll have to bring out the masking tape after all So the E-4B is the same as a -200. That is good to know. I have seen plenty of those on Ebay. Thanks for pointing towards that very relevant thread strigbag!
  9. Hello fellow modellers! At some point i would really like to build one of the 747-200B/C operated by Scandinavian Airlines. I'm just starting to look into wich kit i can use and what extras i might need. I was hoping some of you could give me some usefull tips. SAS 747s was operated in two different liveries as far i know. The old one with the dragons head and the 1983 Carlzon livery. Which of the two I choose depends on which decals and kits that exist. Tha latter is by far the easiest paintjob, but the dragons head scheme is kind of cool. Espcially combined with the 3 window upper deck that the early 747s had. The key questions I'm left with are these. -What kit to use? Cutting to modify the lenght of the fuselage isnt't really an option. I have seen a Revell cutaway version of a 747-200 on Ebay, but it looks like a lot a extra putty and sanding that i could do well without. -What engines did SAS operate on their 747s? From pictures it looks like there are at least three variants to consider. -Is there any imporatant differences between the early passenger version and the later combi version they operated (apart from the number of upper deck windows). -Did SAS ever operate the early "3 window" planes in the Carlzon livery? -Are aftermarket decals for any of these schemes avaliable? Any helpful tips from 747/SAS experts are most welcome
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