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  1. Thank you very much! Thank you. Yes, you re right, you have "falcon eyes". I didn t knew that detail...someone has pointed exacly that issue on FB (i think)...It was something that i really wasn t aware, so thank you for the "heads up", i try to remember it on a next build so i wont do the same mistake! Modeling is a constant learning process to me.! Thanks you very much!
  2. Thank you...Yes, i know that eventually i ll do another version of the BF110 with the "wespe" markings !!! Thanks very much
  3. Thank you very much! Don t know about the airfix one, but this is a great model (best i ve build so far)...with nice PEs, and mask for the canopy and tyres.
  4. Thank you Stefan. I see what you re saying... I made the base as an experience/learning workshop, so i didn t had the figure by then... I though it could work as a nice scenery for a coming "back of mission" ideia, but i see your point, if the tree was higher it would fit better and would give it a better sense of height for the whole set. Definitely its something to watch out and be more aware... Thank you!
  5. Thank you ! I Love the "wespen" markings...i think eventually i ll build another one in other color... Thank you very much!
  6. Muito Obrigado! Thank you ! It the best way to keep learning! I also love the winter camos...I’m starting my winter camo Air Force... Thank you! Thank you! Go for it...it’s truly a great model by Eduard. The oob goodies are great! Thank you very much!
  7. Yes understand what you mean...I tried with a black paper I had in the house but it didn’t work...it wasn’t black enough and was ful of shadows. I have to buy a “darker” black cardboard or a piece of cloth. Thanks for the words!
  8. Hi fellow modeleres It took me a long time to finish this...completly my fault (got tangled in other issues). This was the best model i ve built so far...great work from eduard! it didn t came out exaclty as i though, but its a constant learning process! Say what you think! Regards, João Mendes
  9. Hi fellow modellers Last "adventure" in the world of figures... bbva compass branch near me Still a lot to learn...but with pacience and practice...it will get better! João Mendes
  10. Thank you very much ! Thank you,FrancisGL After the first coats of paint i was thinking that it was getting a bit dark...and in the end is darker that i wanted. With the light oils and pigments it got better and i m happy with the final result. Thank you very much!
  11. Thank you all ! I really like to leave a figure or two on a build...i think it gives a nice "reference" to the size of these machines! Thanks for the kind words !
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