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  1. I reckon the AE35 units have an unfairly bad reputation - I've never known one to fail....
  2. There is a guy on thingiverse working on a remodelled front end, with a pod bay door open & all the interior. My model is all on a single steel rod & the main parts are not glued together, so there is a good possibility that I will remodel the front end with a pod bay door open (no matter what HAL says). I will be adding an EVA pod at some point too.
  3. stripped down the whole thing for a final coat of paint. then i put it all back together & hung it up....
  4. i'd be interested to see your pics when you can link them. The sphere is nowhere near as good as I want it at the moment, but I will assemble & complete the model with the current sphere & maybe reprint it in a few months time when I'm convinced I have the printer tuned better.
  5. All parts now printed - I need to do a lot of work on the sphere, it looks dreadful at the moment, everything has a coat of primer now - so lots of painting & the tidy up of the sphere left to do.
  6. I had to put this on hold for a while as I had some issues with the printer & it took me a month to fathom out what I was doing wrong. Anyway, printing has resumed now, the rear section is complete & I'm slowly working my way along the centre sections... the rear is made up of four main sections - then covered with two square plates on the top & two on the underside.. each of the centre sections is made up of three modules joined together with three 3-sided 'nuts & then each of these sections is joined to the next one with a small separ
  7. WeIl expect.to use about 1kg of filament - I pay £19 per kg. Power consumption is around 50watts - and it's going to (roughly) be 90 hrs of printing. The stringy bits are removeable, most of them can be pulled off with a pair of tweezers. I'll try to record here how long the printing takes. Biggest cost will be the 1m steel rod that I'll use to strengthen it.
  8. I've had my current 3d printer for around 6 months & have now got it tuned to the point that I feel confident to tackle a large project. I'm going to try to build a model of Discovery - the deeps space ship that appears in 2001 A Space Odyssey. I found the 3d model on thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:950664 The scale is approximately 160:1 & when built is should measure just over a metre long. The printer is a Geeetech A10 & I'm using Eryone PLA filament. The first parts I've printed are the engines & a handful of the pods that make up the long section of
  9. I built a paper saturn V a few years ago for my daughter's school project (she did get involved... sort of) It ended up pinned to the wall of her classroom for over a year. I used this link http://jleslie48.com/gallery_models_real.html The one big tip is - use heavy weight paper. I used cheap photocopier paper & the 1st stage had slightly buckled walls. having said that, the quality of the model you can create is astounding & it's good fun. If you mess a bit up, you just have to reprint it. You might want to test the water with something a bit simpler first. My first
  10. I was determined to build a lunar module before the 20th of this month - unfortunately Airfix haven't released the 50th Anniversary kit yet, so acquired the 40th anniversary edition - looks to me that the 50th anniversary edition won't be any different. I first built this kit way back in 1969, hopefully I've achieved a better result this time. I've made a few modifications to the kit - the hatch was cut out & replaced by numerous layers of PVS until it looked right. I didn't use the foil in the kit - I bought gold & copper foil sweet wrappers on Ebay. The plume deflectors a
  11. I'm declaring this one finished now - will post an RFI when I get my better camera out
  12. and they're almost certainly all wrong !
  13. mostly guess work, a visit to the science museum, and referring to http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/1-48-LM/
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