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  1. so I thought it time to have a go at this one I have had in storage for a while yes Sir it is from the 80's but now I haven't had it since then, I built it as a kid I got it from John menzie and if I remember right it wasn't the best of fits. I bought this one over 5 years ago from eBay and it came with a diorama. any way it was still bagged up as well (sorry no pic of that) so here it is ready to go this was when I remembered a little about it. the mouldings are not up to modern standards so first job was to clean up the top and bottom of the ship CARFULLY in places then start to construct it and that's as far as I have got so far, I will keep you upto date as far as possible, any tips gratefully received I am prob going to airbrush it and that will be the first one in 5 years , am I mad
  2. This is great something for me to aspire to
  3. just got the guns from Shape ways and they are amazing thanks for the help
  4. This brings back memory's of my boss's car. Great example here
  5. Thanks for all the help they are just what I am looking for
  6. Hi I am not sure if this has been discussed here before, but I am after hand held weapons at 1/24 scale for my revel hugie helicopter I hAve figures from the tamiya rally crew kit but spanners would not really hurt Charlie. If any one could point me in the right direction to get some M16 or browning that would be great.
  7. great build I hope we will get to see the painting at stages
  8. Roma this sure is a mamoth build I have been looking at it since joining the group. Your detail is amazing I wish I had your patience, I look forward to the next stage of the build
  9. This is a fantastic model. I wise mine would end you like that!
  10. Thats true even more to think about, one of them is on rails so should I try a model rail forum as well?
  11. OK Gang I have been collecting the Aoshima deloreans from each film so i have the 4 versions now and i am about to start the project. the question is when i start this where do i put them in the Sci-fi section, the Vehicle section or both?
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