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  1. Fantastic build , very nicely done, clean for my taste but never the less superb build! MikiB
  2. Thank you all for your appreciation. I worked on it almost 8 months and I tried to make it one of my best models. I don't know if I succeeded but definitely is one of my best. I uploded some photos again and I hope this time won't be any problem.
  3. Hello , I'm Nicolae ( mykyb) Bercsenyi, I'm living in Bucharest ,Romania.Modeling for a while now but not much a post guy, I'm just watching all those wonderful work you guys are doing here but finally I made my mind to post my last build of the year 2020 and what a better kit to do that then with the Tamyia 1/32 Mk-IX.I choose the mount of Pierre Clostermann MJ 586 from 602 Sqd, just because I love the paint work on that bird,.not much to say about the Tamyia kit, everyone knows it, I've used Barracuda cockpit bits, Eduard Brassin wheels,Master 20mm guns and Montex masks , needless to say that every roundels , letters and numbers was painted and for the data stenciling I used HGW wet transfer decals ( love them)I did some scratch building in the cockpit and I did the rails for the auxiliary fuel tank.Sadly I find out after I was done with the painting and installing of the undercarriage legs has no torsion link installed and I didn't want to do same damage trying to remove them, so I just let them on for the time being. Painted with Tamyia paints, weathered with oils and watercolour pencils and with some AK and MiG products. The plane is done but I want to make a nice stand for her and maybe I'll add some figures in the near future. That's been sad, I let you with the photos hoping that you'll like my work on this iconic airplane which I love the most.Happy modeling and A Happy New Year!!!!!!
  4. mykyby

    Aircraft decals

    Thanks Robert, i didn't know about that. Many thanks..
  5. mykyby

    Aircraft decals

    Hi everybody, I'm new in this forum , so I need your help.Does anybody know somebody who make custom decals?I wan't to build a Romanian F-16 in 1/32 scale and i need some basic decals , not the hole stencils just some white ones at the right and left side of the cockpit and a blue band at the top of the fin. Yeah,I know the white ones are the problem that's why I came here. Thank you guys,........
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