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  1. Did Airfix change the decals on this kit ? My Dad made me one when I was a kid and I'm sure the A didn't have the roundels on it.
  2. Just who could resist a 1/12 Nigel ? How big would one be methinks...
  3. I doubt Parker Knoll have the skills to make one nowadys. Bit of pine, a staple gun and bit of evostik does not a Mosquito make.
  4. 17th December ? Are these kits being updated on a monthly basis ? Will it happen this year ? Who knows ?
  5. The first time they put a woman in charge of a starship and she gets lost. ....... I too have this model although I did put lights in but in the days of 12v mini bulbs and not leds. If I did it again I'd go for better lighting, lots of cutouts for the windows makes a better impression for any starship kit. Mine is on its plastic stand next to my Enterprise D (on a custom wooden stand).
  6. Flektor

    Two-seat Typhoons

    The single and twin cockpit versions are identical in capability.
  7. I made one for a friend who is an instructor at Cosford and actually worked on the aircraft during Operation Corporate. He wasn't particularly bothered about the inaccuracies of the kit, I don't think he noticed but he was absolutely made up when I took it to him. He offered advice on what options he wanted, flaps down, bay open, what ordnance to fit. He did recount tales of one of the maintenance staff cutting a main wiring loom too short and re-routing it to make it fit. I did a little modification using wire and string to simulate pipes and cables. A pilot friend of his who actually flew them was equally enthusiastic about the model. So, endorsement from the men who know the aircraft from the inside out is good enough for me. I still have one being prepped for construction for my own display. I know it's not perfect but now I've made one it should help me to do a better job. http://s980.photobucket.com/user/eoslensman/slideshow/Airfix%20Nimrod?sort=3
  8. I took a video of the Vulcan at Blackpool last weekend. I am on facebook so do a search for Gordon S Walker and you can watch it.
  9. I have an R2D2 phone which looks so much better than the kit shown above, and it makes the noises and head turns when someone is calling (or you can change the chirrups to a standard phone ring but what's the point in that ?). It's 30 cm tall too.
  10. Flektor

    1:24 Mossie

    I was wondering if 9/10/2015 was a US or UK date format so expected Sept or Oct. I'm in two minds whether to order it or not. I have a Corgi model which is 1:32 so is quite large and another Mossie even larger may be dificult to accommodate. I got it cheap from ModelZone a few years back not realising it's worth a lot more than I paid for it but never got round to getting a 1:32 Hurricane to go with my Me109 and Spitfire. The 1:32's go for silly money nowadays. Sod it, more pondering I think.
  11. I remember the scene where Sheridan gets to see the fleet of White Star ships for the first time after he thought his was the only one. Classic!
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