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  1. Cheers Giorgio that's given me good knowledge thanks for sharing
  2. Very nice good job on the mottling I hope I can do mine this good
  3. Hi all What allied aircraft would have italien or indeed Pro Axis county's gone up against? I am thinking later Spitfires or P51? Reason why asked I was going to do a 109G14 in Italian markings and wouldn't mind doing an Adversary to go by its side. So any insight would be great Thanks
  4. Hi all I have returned to the hobby after a good 2 years absence i have an issue with my airbrush, just painting I find I need to thin my Tamiya paints even more that what I used to. I need to do 70% thinner to 30% paint, it used to be 50/50, also I start to get spitting as thought the mix has become thick after a couple minutes, I do clean the tip regularly and after each use I disassemble and clean properly so Im just not sure whats up. Any help would be great. Thanks Joe
  5. That looks awsome my friend looking to do one of these
  6. Very nice always liked japanese aircraft, beautifully done. Thanks JD
  7. Gorgeous job nice and clean must admit I'm getting into jets now. Just looking at the opposite end of the spectrum, Russian jets
  8. Wow really stunning job, all that extra work paid off, Paint job is fantastic Regards JD
  9. Awsome looking beast you've done it great justice really nice job do want to get this one
  10. Wow really stunning work there, the nmf finish looks fantastic and the cockpit and seat are sublime you clearly haven't lost it, really nice job Regards JD
  11. words can't express, wow wow and I do mean wooooow absolutely amazing. I owwwww.....
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