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  1. Fantastic work there I love the lowered ride height with the rears cambered to . I also used bare metal foil for the first time on my last model and I'm now a fan of it to .
  2. Great work a lovely looking model is that
  3. Fantastic work there my friend I love the colour to looks very real to me
  4. I think the someone said the same thing when I posted some pics of the car during its build and I agree looking at it now I could of made a plate and put the decal on that . Cheers Mike
  5. Well it's been a while for me getting this finish due to a house move and various other things taking up a lot of my time but Its done and I'm pleased with the result . The revell kit is very good parts fit well and it's a bit more detailed that the Tamiya kit . Hope you like and honest opinions and advice are welcome.
  6. Some more progress it's still slow going as I've not had much time of late but I suppose some progress is better than none . I'm working on the interior at the moment and also fitting up the body with lights etc I'm please with how it looks so far the pics do make the seats look a bit more glossy than they really are and makes it look like the carpet and seats are the same colour which there not .
  7. Fantastic job Steve looks awsome ! I think all the extra work you did with rear lights windows grille badges was well worth the time and effort and obviously a great job by Rich on producing the decals for you . Mike .
  8. Well I've just had a read through and a catch up on this build and I've gotta say what a stunning job your work is second to none Roy and the beast is gonna be stunning once finished everything is perfect and I do love the body colour. Mike .
  9. Awesome job Matt ! Great detail and I like the use of the black washes very nice . Mike . Awesome job Matt ! Great detail and I like the use of the black washes very nice . Mike .
  10. No there's nothing the kit to mount the decal to and I do believe u are correct and on the 1:1 car these are metal and it comes down with the boot lid when it is opened . Damn !!! Now I realise that a could of as u said made one for it . Oh pants !!!
  11. Started putting the decals on tonight as a fancied a brake from painting .
  12. I have the same question if why you have wore the paint away ? It looks really weathered ! And am I correct it's in the washing machine in one of those pics ?
  13. I'm liking this a lot Steve great work and your dead right about them windows they are very thick mine were also a poor fit and needed some trimming here and there unusual for Tamiya I think .
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