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  1. It's available on e-bay now, various gauges. It's from Australia at about £4.50 per pack inc shipping - no idea if thats a good price or not. Search for 'plus model lead wire'. Chris
  2. Send an e-mail to the chap who makes them, his name is Vincent Po hobbyelements_info@yahoo.com, I think you can only pay with PayPal. Say how many sets you want and include the e-mail address you use for PayPal; he will send you a PayPal invoice. Mine took about 8 days to turn round, but I know demand for them is high. Chris
  3. Ordered a set last week and they arrived this morning. The bits fit perfectly in to the chuck on my Dremel's flexi shaft, Had a quick play and it does what it says on the tin; needs a bit of practice to get the best from it I think, but a superb tool that could make life a lot easier. Chris
  4. Never seen (or heard of) one of these types. Excellent work. Chris
  5. I don't venture in to this part of the forum very often so only came across this build today. And all I can say is WOW! and I mean WOW!. This is modelling at it's best. Now following this closely. Chris
  6. The fact that some are upside down or rotated 90deg is something to do with iPads; I've read that somewhere else, but don't recall where - they probably look fine to the OP. On my phone one looks upside down, but on my laptop both are; very odd. feoffee2 - Your photos are really not doing what look like some excellent models justice. The iPad camera isn't too bad but it can't deal with artificial light very well at all; especially at low light levels. Can you not take the models outside during daylight hours? Lighting will be much, much better. Chris
  7. Oh, very nice work. You can never have enough Lightnings. Chris
  8. Great work - weathering looks great. Chris
  9. Nice photos. I haven't been to an Old Warden flying day for a very long time. Must do something about that. Chris
  10. Here's a few from the 2008 RAF Valley Photo Call - they have been downsized so quality isn't great. Chris
  11. Excellent work - a nice addition to a great looking set of models. I really like the BMA Herald, Chris
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