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  1. On 3/5/2018 at 7:58 PM, Romeo Alpha Yankee said:

    Are you using Chrome as your browser? I have the plugin that blocks PB's jamming algorithm and can see Alex's images.


    @tommchowat, your BA line up looks great. I have the current scheme 748 sheets for one of my 748f kits and A380.

    Nope Romeo Alpha Yankee, Safari on ios and Firefox on a Pc. Sounds interesting the plugin though, what's its name?


    Beautiful work Alex! As usual. Thanks for the explanation on the nose in the original post btw. Somehow I still can't render in my head the changes you describe. Do you have pictures of the necessary modifications to the nose?. Or maybe in a future build. The nose looks good to me, great work again. As I have several Revell -400s in my stash yours is very inspiring in not throwing them away and going for Authentic Airliners. That -200 looks great too! Landor is very classic.

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  2. Grest looking Hurricane, congratulations!. And nice modification to the aerial as well. About the paints, I had the same problems and surprinsingly there was not as much info on the internet as I hoped, but did learn one thing: never thin with isopropyl alcohol. It is too strong and forms a goo that takes too much time to clean afterwards. In fact, it is always messy to clean. Some people are having good results with tamiya's thinner and some other with glassex (have not tried this one yet). 

    This is something I'd like to resolve as the colours look accurate at least, can't they be that bad, do they?

  3. Oh I love the Dc-10, my father flew them, and some were actually ANZ's leased to LanChile. Great job you made with this one!

    I am very sorry for your loss Richard. I am very aware indeed that for NZers the accident is still a current topic until this day. I am sure Jessica was not meaning to hurt anybody.

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