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  1. Maybe I’m joining a little late, but I’m going to watch and learn! I have the bubble top stashed away for 2019!
  2. This is really nice work. I have two of the older Eduard Tempest kits. I converted one to a 245 squadron Tempest 2 using a resin conversion Centaurus engine. Interesting project...
  3. At one point I had 1/72 models of most of the Spitfire variants. The exceptions were mk xii and xiii (and 23). I didn’t really get the mk xii which I thought of as a bit of a lash up. At the time I preferred the Griffon engined spits with the cut down fuselage and the bubble top. Seems I was very wrong and I’ll watch this with interest.
  4. For those interested in the detail, here's what the wing internal looked like - not that much of it will be visible. The intention is to show open gun bays and magazines and to try and get some where near a realistic wheel well. It also provides support to the wings, hopefully. Undercarriage struts ended up looking like this after some scratch work. Still to come, rub down and fill and then flaps. But I'm going to set this aside for the moment and work on the engine. More later.
  5. This weeks update. After a lot of swearing and sitting rocking backwards and forwards in a darkened room, a bit of a milestone. I have got the wings together. The rear machine gun brackets are supposed to further be forward but the overall geometry inside wing meant that wouldn't work. I also ended up gluing the ailerons in place because nothing I did would stop them both from pointing in the general direction of down, no matter which way up I held up the wing. I got the wing nice and straight (see the earlier post) , but not as much dihedral as I'd hoped.
  6. Thanks. It's not too late - I'll be moving on to the cockpit over the next week or so. I'll let you know what it comes out like.
  7. I saw your mkV. Impressive work. Hope I can build something as good. If I’d seen yours earlier I might have begged some info on the spar. I think I’ve got a way round the curvy lower wing and a the 6deg dihedral. Either way I’m committed now. I’m hoping to give weekly updates.
  8. I see that. I have a big challenge to make mine look as good!
  9. For those interested here is an updated of sorts - I've been looking ahead at few things. I've decided to build L1027, LO-A from 602 Squadron. One of the things I was looking at was the cockpit which looks pretty basic in the kit. I was thinking that I'd add the later under carriage control box and revised signalling switchbox as per the mkII and mk v. But, L1027 was delivered in June 1939 which brings it into the 'early' bracket so I'm now thinking that I can stick more closely to the out of the box kit using the pump action under carriage control, for example. That simplifies things a little, anyway! I'm planning to use Mr Hobby acrylics for the camouflage and Tamiya acrylic mixes for the roundels. Any thoughts/corrections, please feel free. Hopefully the next update will be reporting progress with the wings and undercarriage! DV
  10. That’s more or less what I did. I bought it a couple of years back, opened the box and it then went in the loft. I also had one first time round in 1970something! Im coming at it from the point of view of learning some new (for me)techniques, and, yes I’m glad for any support and advice. Not much progress to report this week - the real world has been a bit hectic, but I’m still on this! More later.
  11. Troy Smith, looking back at this photo, is there any guidance on what is the correct colour for the squadron code letters? Also I’m not seeing any of antenna wires that extend from the cockpit aerial back to the tail or the IFF wires. Presumably these were on later models, then?
  12. Indeed, but we’re getting a bit ahead of our selves! Still trying to work out the wing!
  13. If you can smile when all around is chaos, you probably don’t understand 

  14. Thanks for the correction Troy Smith. I didn’t know that. I thought I’d got that right so I obviously need to do a bit more research. You see a lot of conflicting stuff. Im going with Sky wheel wells to tie into the lower body colour, aluminium for the undercarriage leg but until now, I was going to go with light a/c grey green inside the wheel fairing. The ambition is to go with an aircraft in maintenance, including flaps down. But I’ll get to that as I go through. Any pointers gratefully received.
  15. I built the Stuka earlier this year and it’s a pretty good kit, actually. The only real problems were because of the age of the kit. The decals were pretty much throw away and some of the parts were brittle. I used a Montex mask set instead of decals, and some aftermarket cockpit labels and stencils. You can build a pretty decent kit out of the box. I shared a few photos last week, if you’re interested. I also have the P51D, and I’d be interested in comparing notes if you feel like opening the box any time soon.
  16. After a weekend on this, learning as I go. I've cut out the flaps and I'm about 80% through the internal structure I want in the port wing:
  17. Update on this, should anyone be interested. I've spent a lot of time just thinking about how I'm going to do this and testing. The place I'm going to start is the wing which because the plastic is notoriously has tendency to flap about. This gives problems with the dihedral and so on. First problem is the lower wing section. Oh Wow. The only saving grace is that the piece is SO flexible that it should rectify when I glue everything together. Seemed to work OK when I taped it. The second problem is the big void in the wing.
  18. Just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi. I've actually been modelling for about 17 years this time round - I'll discount the few years I put in when I was kid in the 70s when I got more glue and paint up my nose than on the actual kits. Interested initially in tanks and armoured vehicles but more recently into 1/48 WW2 aircraft and 1/72 Jets. Now get into 1/24 scale aircraft for three reasons. The newer ones are a lot better, I have more space to display them these days, I can see what I'm doing. I'm notoriously bad at using forums like this - so bear with me!
  19. Winter is coming and I have picked a real challenge, I think. I had heard a lot of bad press on this and when I opened the box the initial impression was that a lot of what I was hearing was confirmed. The kit seems pretty basic and the age of the moulding shows. It lacks the crispness of more modern kits, and I am clearly going to have do a lot of work here. I'm probably going to retain some of the minor defects. I'm going to need to build a spar and I'm thinking I'll probably try and build in gun bays, wheel wells and flap detail and I'd be very grateful if anyone out there has anything they can let me have in terms of advice. I do have this, More later...
  20. One of a number of things I worked on over the summer, in between holidays, barbecues, etc. I particularly liked the aluminium finish on this one. 8/JG 300 from July 1944. It was stripped right back to bare metal to reduce aerodynamic drag.
  21. Thx The way I did it was paint the splinter scheme first - only in the areas where I wanted it. Then I painted the RLM 79 Sandgelb.
  22. Thanks for the kind words. For those who want a bit more info, I’ve used the Montex stencil set depicting the Ju87 B-2 trop deployed in Gambut, Libya in 1941. The RLM 70/71 paint is Gunze Sangyo acrylic as is the RLM 65 underside. The sandgelb overlay is RLM79 from Xtracrylix which looked rather bright until I did a colour wash in burnt sienna and then in black. Finally I added a small amount of white paint to Tamiya Matt Clear. When I blew it over with that, the colours toned down nicely plus I achieved an effect of light layers of sand on the wings. Interior was primarily Tamiya XF22 - RLM Grey (RLM 02) which is (I hope) the right colour! I was working on the basis that RLM 66 schwartzgrau was used later. Having heard so much bad press on the 1/24 kits, I thought this was a great kit, and if you have one stashed away, GET IT OUT! The only issues I had were a few broken pieces, but I can forgive that. The kit itself was about 35 years old and I must praise Airfix after sales who came through with replacements very quickly. Next up 1/24 scale Spit Mk1.
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