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  1. I got quite a way into mine and I had left it on my desk - get this - under a book shelf! For some reason I then pulled a book off the shelf and dislodged another...you get the picture. There was shrapnel everywhere. As I recall it my reaction was one of relief
  2. From memory the Red Tails film depicts P51Ds with the bubble top exclusively . Actually there were examples of many different variants. Suggest you start by looking at the decals available. I did the same thing in 1/48 I enjoyed the film but you have to suspend disbelief and go with a lot of inaccuracies...
  3. Nice. I need one of these in my stash. I had a go at the Airfix version a couple of years back. (Ended in tears).
  4. Stunning. The weathering goes beyond realistic. Seriously good stuff
  5. Great work on the Cromwell. Personally, I can’t get on with AFVs smaller than 1/35 - can’t see what I’m doing!
  6. This is the Mask set. The second aircraft is intriguing - 19 Squadron from May 1940 'QV'. The wing underside is black/white while the fuselage is painted aluminium.
  7. I used Mr Hobby acrylics having referenced the IPMS website. Not always right, but it came out well. The roundel colours were mixed from Tamiya acrylics and if anyone wants the mixes let me know. I’m afraid the undercarriage doesn’t move, as I say I committed myself when I completed the wing. 1/24 scale erks are few an far between, unfortunately. If anyone can help with that, I’d welcome being pointed in the right direction. I have a Tamiya Rally Car maintenance team that looks useful.
  8. Thanks Troy, This is one reason why I picked this aircraft. It is, at least, what the instructions say and I could find no reason to assume they were incorrect. As always, I’m happy to be corrected. Dave
  9. The markings are a Montex mask set (LO-A) 602 Sqn August 1940. I’ve used masks a few times and I much prefer them on larger kits. I’m afraid you’re right about the gear although the photo angle makes it look worse than it is. I spent a lot of time wrestling with the inside structure of the wings, but in the end neither dihedral nor the under carriage angle came out as intended. Unfortunately, at that point I was committed. So I accepted the compromise and moved on
  10. Thanks I’d love to claim the rivets but in fact they’re OOB!
  11. Yeah, I did have a think about that. As I wanted to show it under maintenance I ended up with lmuch less gun and exhaust staining than I would have used otherwise. You’re probably right, though. I’ll work on that for the diorama. Dave
  12. Hello Everyone, Please see my Airfix 1/24 scale Spit Mk1A. Some of you may have been see the Work in Progress thread and are aware that his taken me nigh on 3 months to complete this! The age and general condition of the kit meant that there were very few parts that did not need shaping or filling. I am cheating a little since I still plan to put it in a diorama with ground crew, but I may take a break before I get to that! The aircraft itself is complete. Feel free to point out all my mistakes! Dave
  13. Had Britain not declared war, would the western front ever have happened? And why were we silent after the occupation of Czechoslovakia, but decided to go to war over Poland? Answer - because Hitler made Chamberlain look like an idiot over the Munich crisis. Western Europe was in full appeasement mode. Had Japan invaded Eastern Soviet Union, we would probably have objected but little else. The same applies to further German expansion eastwards. The US was fully isolationist and didn’t start supporting the Western Allies with things like lend lease until late 1940/1941. They entered the War in the Pacific in response to Pearl Harbour, and the War in Europe because Hitler declared war on the US. It’s highly unlikely that the Allied countries would have done anything to support the Soviet Union had it been attacked by Germany from the west and japan from the east other than express concern. (In my humble opinion, of course.)
  14. The tension in the world started in the early 30s - and people think it started with Hitler in 1939. Some suggest that the reality was that the World War started in when the Japanese invaded Manchuria in 1933 (I think) and then the Spanish Civil War. Its certainly true that the war accelerated the development of aircraft and military vehicles. Consider 16 major spitfire variants and the evolution of the hurricane through to the Tempest. In 1939 the German panzers were primarily mk3s and some 4s, 6 years later they were building prototype monsters like the Maus.
  15. RAF was established in 1918 wasn’t it?? So I think yes it would. But the whole issue of why Bomber Command was the only British WW2 unit that wasn’T recognised after the war wouldn’t have happened.
  16. Think of the films we’d never have had! Great Escape, Dambusters, Where Eagles Dare... Casablanca!
  17. I don’t think it has... A German friend of mine suggests WW2 should have Britain and Germany against France.
  18. I’ve been following the WIP thread. Lovely job on the finished item!
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