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  1. On 2/20/2019 at 10:39 PM, clive_t said:

    Thanks Mr Cloudman....


    Obviously I stand to be corrected in any or all of the above! :)


    Please don’t read any criticism into my comments, I was speaking from a genuine lack of knowledge!


    I’ve done a little digging into the Flying Tigers on the internet, where everything can of course be taken as the absolute truth... my knowledge up to this point was limited to Commando comic books way back when, etc. 


    Interesting story. For example I didn’t realise that by the time all the red tape had been cut through, etc, Pearl Harbour had been attacked and US was already at war. Two MoH’s as well. More digging required.


    You’ve inspired me to build one myself at some point.😉

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  2. Evening All,


    This is one of two recent builds I have completed depicting RAF jet fighters,


    I used the Fujimi 1/72 Phantom FGR2 kit which was pretty easy to work with. It just needed a brace across the airframe to ensure no gaps between that and the upper wing surfaces.


    I decided to depict the FG1 aircarft XV571 using the colour scheme from late 1986 from Model Decal set 89. As you will see this has the black and white check on the tail only.










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  3. 10 minutes ago, azureglo said:

    I found it very easy; Alclad are super thinned, i.e. they'll drip from the pipette., the trick is very light touch on the trigger , pulling back till you get misting and then I build up to a wet coat*. I used it on my Spit 22 (see therapy build link in my sig) and was stunned how easy it is to use. Clean up literally  is minutes and the only downside is you're spraying cellulose (lacquer) thinner so facemasks, extractors, facing Mecca etc are required. You're fairly local, if want to venture up my way, you can have go and see it floats yer boat! ( or coats it in aluminium).




    *I use a 0.4/0.6mm set up in my dedicated H&S evolution to spray, it don't like fine nozzles...

    Interesting. You make it sound on the one hand extremely easy and then on the other incredibly difficult!😀


    Not sure i’m serious enough a modeller to invest in all the peripheral equipment.


    Thanks for the offer. Perhaps if find a suitable subject, i’ll take you up on it in due course? 


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  4. 1 minute ago, Troy Smith said:

    No, new tooling from Revell a few years ago.  (they did also issue the Matchbox kit as a Revell kit for many years )


    ... modern Revell toolings are good kits, as in they fit well and are well engineered.


    Yeah, should have known that - you can see this is very slick.


    Agree on Revell kits. I recently built the 1/72 Richthofen Eurofighter and I have the Hawker Hunter and Tornado on my ‘next to do list’. All are (or appear to be) well engineered, as you say.

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  5. 11 hours ago, spruecutter said:


    A fine result! It would be really good if you could post the Tamiya mix you used for the roundels. I am sure many people would find it a useful reference.

     Happy to do that...


    The paint codes are Tamiya references


    Roundel blue: XF8 Flat Blue 95%; XF1 Flat Black 5%

    Roundel white: XF2 Flat white 100%

    Roundel red: XF7 Flat Red 75%; XF68 Flat NATO Brown 25%

    Roundel yellow: XF3 FlatYellow 99%; XF7 Flat Red 1%


    (with thanks to whoever I got this from!)

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  6. 11 hours ago, busnproplinerfan said:

    Might still check it out just to poke fun at it, prefer movies with accuracy.

    Well it ain’t that, certainly. For me it is a bit of fun though, and as such I enjoyed it. That included all the grumbling I was doing in the background..😉


    I think the film portrays P40’s rather than P39’s before all the aircraft are replaced en masse by the Mustangs.


    The other thing I found amusing was one scene where a couple of the P51s were coming in to land from a mission (I think the one at the end where the aircraft crashed). Anyway as they flow along above the runway, the appeared to pass hundreds of red tailed mustangs arranged beside the airstrip in nice, net blocks.

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  7. 15 hours ago, Dermo245 said:

    Hi John,

    Good thread here on Britmodeller about Luftwaffe colours. Or search the WWII forum as there's some posts in there as well to do with Fw-190 colours.

    Or the FalkeEins blog is terrific too. Or good old Google. 

    From what I've read, colours depended on where it served, what stage of the war it was, the unit itself, etc etc. 
    Hope that helps.



    You might want to Google ‘Urban’s Colour Reference Charts - Germany’, an IPMS Stockholm page. It’s a bit elderly these days, but I use it all the time.



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  8. Interesting thread. I acquired the Revel Memphis Belle as a Christmas present.


    Probably won’t get to it for a month or so. Not sure yet what quirks I’m going to come across, but I’d be interested to hear what people think. 


    Apologies if I’m hijacking the thread. Not my intention.

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