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  1. Hello, I would like to participate (and be able to finish on time... ) in the GB with a Bf109F-2 Blue Squadron based in Orel-West. The model will be to Hasegawa 1/48 with the Kora's decals. Thanks
  2. OK, I try to repaint the crossovers of the cockpit with aluminum, but today I have merged the two halves of the fuselage. I have included this color in the joystick and I kept green with wear proper use that show the aluminum frame. In other walkarounds I have also seen the floor of the cockpit in black and I liked the feeling of depth of the effect wear colored by the aluminum. Regards
  3. Morning all Early work assembly: I made the cockpit assembly. Overall very good unions and realistic feel. I tried to bring all elements of the cockpit and gain depth and striking because, unfortunately, the canopy can not be left open as it comes molded in one piece. I hope you like the final effect of all parts The next work will be the union of the wings, landing gear wells and fuselage's junction. Regards.
  4. What a interesting post! and how much useful information. Thank You So Much. Cockpit paint will be interior green, that I know, but I don't know that the the union of the fuselage with the propeller wore red also as shown in the last photo. I will consider these tips to the model assembly and painting. Thank you very much again for the information and welcome
  5. Good morning to all, I want to participate in this group with a 87 Squadron RAF Hurricane Mk.I, piloted by ace Ian R. Gleed. The plane shows the personal mark of Gleed, a cat named Figaro that appears in the Disney film Pinocchio, and that was his personal emblem on all planes in which he flew to his disappearance The kit is the Mk.I 1/48 Hasegawa Nightfighter, although I build day fighter. Like almost all models of this brand the level of detail is very high and the quality of finish is remarkable. I put the ceremonial pictures of the box and some content here. I will use some afte
  6. A blast pen diorama is a fantastic idea. I'll be waiting for their construction if you decide to start build. Regards!
  7. Hi everyone, I would be very proud to participate in the working group with the workhorse of the RAF, the Hurricane Mk.I. I have hasegawa kit with markings as IR Gleed. Regards.
  8. I have seen enough skyrays and of all I believe that it is the best. I would like to be able to come to your level some day ... in this life if it can be... Thank you.
  9. This is in my wishes list. I will follow you in the build. Good luck.
  10. Great idea. Mythical movie. I will follow with attention this progress. The locations in the desert and on the clouds... they are pure adrenaline. Good Luck
  11. Hello, I' m thinking of taking part in GB with Fujimi's 1/72 f-14A in wolfpack version. I like this decor... I am trying to obtain decals. Thanks!.
  12. Mig-15UTI Hobbyboss 1/72 Tribute to the Russian trainers of the 50's OOB with a little scratch in the cockpit. Painted with Alclad II airframe. Build thread HERE
  13. Hi, After having problems with the image hosting provider, here I leave you a photo of the finished plane. Thank you for the patience and tips. Regards.
  14. Hello again, We see my advances of last weekend. First, transparent masked and fit: The moment of the painting comes. Tamiya XF-1 is the base: Next, Alclad II Airframe Aluminium Differentiating and marking panels + decals: Black bands and transparent unmasking: In the absence of the official photos I finish the model building thanking the cheers and advices received during these two weeks. Comments are wellcome. Regards.
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