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  1. Hi Mike, just like you I have found it very difficult to source info on the deck crane. I paid a visit to the FAA museum last year hoping I might find something to use. I ended taking quite a few pics of the models on display and went on the Ark Royal flight deck display, see tractor below. I took photos of the display models Eagle, Albion, Victorious and Ark Royal to try and get the detail of the deck crane. More pics below: Ark Royal Eagle Albion Victorious I then have limited pics I h
  2. Hi, I wonder if any one can direct me to some spec or drawings of the mobile deck crane used by Ark Royal in the late 70's? I'm going to attempt to scratch build one and have some pics but would like a bit more detail!!! Thanks in advance, Paul
  3. Hi Ingo, I'm also working on the 1/350 USS Forrest Sherman and wanted to make some upgrades including the CIWS. So here is what I have learnt and done so far. I used parts N16 and N17 to form the rear superstructure with the part of the CIWS housing. I then cut N2 using the bottom to make the bottom of the CIWS housing and the top to make the housing above CIWS mount. You will only need to manufacture the roof of the CIWS housing then. I also trimmed the top of N16 & N17 to make the funnel top flat. There are parts for a CIWS in the kit but I used the superb after market kit made by V
  4. When I built my Airfix Type 45 I added some additional parts: Laddering on the main gun Shields for MG's on flight deck - could have added shields for MG's fwd too aerials on the radar dome Paul.
  5. The pics on this website were awesome when I built my model of HMS Blake. http://hmsblake.moonfruit.com/#
  6. Hi Lafferty all I used for this build as extras was the WEM PE set which as Ant mentioned will be enough to enhance the look suitably. I also made some minor additional scratch additions to the Samson radar dome (aerials) and 4.5'' gun (ladders). I have just bought the 1/350 figures ready painted by Eduard but not placed them yet, when I do I will add some pics. Paul
  7. Thanks for the kind words everyone, I'm most humbled. HMS Dragon is in my home town of Cardiff at the moment so hoping to get on board her tomorrow Currently working on HMS Illustrious 1/350 and have HMS Westminster bought and lined up. Paul Currently not fitted with Harpoon but can be if needed.
  8. Hi All. well here we go I'm making my first post of a completed model on Britmodeller, gulp! This will be the 4th model I have completed since starting to make kits again in the last year, having already done 1/700 HMS Tiger, 1/72 Vosper MTB and recently a 1/700 version of HMS Dragon, all the time testing whether I could construct a kit But here it is, 3 months in the making and pretty much done! Its been challenging for me but I have learnt a lot, making mistakes on the way but overall satisfied. I need to complete the helo, replace the forward liferaft canisters for accurate ones, flags
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