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  1. One of my favourites. There is an excellent photo section on AMI made by Danielle Lang: http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/pages/History/Aircraft/Lang_Vengeance.html What is the issue with the SH-kit´s fuselage? Can you please explain this a little more in detail? Thanks alot Michael
  2. Dear Pierpaolo, excellent build and paint-job. perfect weathering for a 1/72nd-scale model. I do not dare to comment on the exact fading of the colours of RNZAF aircraft as I simply do not have the knowledge for but I like this model. And when Alan gives you a positiv reply - chapeau! What decals did you use from Ventura. I assume the roundels? I have V7273 and V7285 which may have the correct blue for roundels. The other markings - I assume - are from Sky models? Hope to get their set which afaik is oop. Hope to see more from you! Best regards
  3. A colleague of mine posted this a year ago: https://www.modellboard.net/index.php?topic=63943.0 Obviously these ar Messerschmitt-drawings for the 109 G according to the captions I asked him to send me the ipg of picture 20 and 21 enlarged via mail. Hopefully he will do so. If you have a look at the drawings the camouflage for the fuselage (20.jpg) also is interesting. The caption says that that there should be a soft demarcation line of 5cm between the camouflage colours on the fuselage. Cheers Michael
  4. Gentlemen, this is more an historic topic I am afraid and we do not know too much yet. Please forgive my mistakes/faults with the language but I hope I will be able to work out the point of this thread concerning the historical facts. Firstly , as mentioned previously, please don´t mix the completely different official saw-tooth pattern for 109s with the question arising from the drawing colleague dov from Austria kindly presented to us. In this drawing the demarcation lines of this shown camouflage between the two colours RLM 74 and RLM 75 scheme were supposed to be pa
  5. Gentlemen, I do not know if this topic has been discussed elsewhere as I didi not find any posts during my research here. However I remmeber having talked about the FiAF Hurricanes with some members of this forum last year but unfortunately lost my material on this topic. This then was in connection with the Hurricane in Finbland (HC-452). My simple question is, when was the - external and -internal bullet-proof windshield introduced with RAF-Hurricanes? Are there dates or relyiable info? I understand that initially there wa
  6. Exactly! I will check this one as well. Did you have a look at the position of the exhaust stubs Best wishes for 2021 Michael
  7. My favourite in the older days was the Heller Bf 109 F a wonderful kit and nobody cared about the dimensions etc. I had the Beaman booklet myself but unfortunately sold it.In many ways outdated (Bf 109 G-10 A and B but still something for the history. M,
  8. Dear Troy, dear fellow-modellers, correct, Honestly, I wanted to be polite as I know Petr Muzikant well and had some discussions on his G-6. The upper fuselage half in the picture is the AZ with the "issues" we discovered, the one below is the extended FM-fuselage. However I assume that nobody except a 109-buff really sees the difference, As in many cases with our hobby it dpends on how deep you dig or want to dig. I want to have an almost correct model and therefore I cope with th ese things. For me 2,0 mm in 1/72 are a " difference". But I do not critiizi
  9. Ok, now I have the point. I definitely had mixed up two different things with these armour plates. Many thanks! Best regards Michael
  10. Good morning, sorry for havening been obviously impoliote however I spent a few days in hospital and away from the office. Perhaps you, Troy, have pictures showing the two different styles of added armour and their frames from the outside. When reading through the posts I asked myself about the technical way these were fixed. Yiou were speaking of a "unviersal" windshield. Am I right assuming that this was built to have pre-fabricated fittings for additional armour? From the outside, does it look similar to the "first up-armoured" windshields? Just to make s
  11. Gentlemen, the "correct length" has been a topic here in Germany ever since I can think about "Messerschmitts" and - believe me - this goes some time back.... There are also slight differences due to the different types of tailfins/rudders attached to the G-6 and subsequent sub-types, e.g. G-14, G-10 etc. 9020mm incl. rudder is common sense nowadays concerning this type. A couple of years ago we at "Modellboard" here in Germany have done some 1/72nd-comparisons on the then available 109 F and G-Types based on measurements taken at Tikkakoski and Cosford which I hade ta
  12. Again, many thanks! @Troy: hope the damage is not too big and also hope you are insured properly against water damages.. Working for an insurance company here in Germany as loss-adjuster I know how you may feel
  13. Gentlemen, thank you very much for the input. I have the MMP-book and others on this topic as well but will certainly have a look at the Wingleader Photo Archive No. 3. I have been lucky enough to visit Tikkakoski myself where I was able to have a close look on and inside this Hurricane with the result of a considerable amount of pictures..... The question was and is when the internal armoured glass for the windshield was introduced for the first time. I learnt that it came later than the external armoured glass which was added earlier in 1940. I
  14. Hi Mark, thanks for the info. There are so many books on the market on the Hurricane and many contain basically the same info and many identical pictures. I have been working on this topic for many years by now and know most of the books and magazine articles pubklished in the main languages here in Europe. Which one do you mean, please? For me, "the" book on the Hurricane is still to be written. A compendium as the book "Spitfire - The History" froim Key-Publishing. The pictures you mentioned - can you give some more info, please? The aircraft were del
  15. This is a very interesting point of view! Haven´t considered this one yet M.
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