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  1. Hi, my foto: More photos on my webpage: http://www.scalemodels.cz/bf-109f-4-172/
  2. Thanks.-) New foto More photos on my webpage: http://www.scalemodels.cz/bf-109f-4-172/
  3. Thanks.-)) Finished. I hope :-) Better photo later
  4. Thanks.-) Yesterday I forgot to put the cabin in the future. So I wet it today and I'm waiting. Perhaps the morning will be dry. For now, lamps I will glow until the end. After the varnish
  5. Hi all. Thank you for your interest Today's work + three coffee and two Rocky films Little wings on the wing - fix tomorrow Patrik
  6. Hi, The model is all right. I'm building a ninth piece :-)) Putty only on the nose, above the engine The camouflage will number 2, Hermann Graf. Perhaps you can get on time
  7. I almost did not get this building. 3..2..1..Start ...
  8. Hi all, Thank you all. I am pleased that the model is like.
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