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  1. Man, your blogspot URL is impossible to type in! But I did it, and I'm definitely following your work from now on! :] Great build!
  2. I'm really enjoying these training videos, I'm going through them right now, thanks! :] I already found some things I'm interested in, I'll get back to you on that soon, and I have yet to watch the "Dive Bomber", hopefully tonight! Cheers! :]
  3. Hello everyone! I've been doing some 1/1 scale modeling on my home lately so my smaller scale projects are waiting, mostly Heinkel He 111 that I started.. :] But the problem is I can't keep my hands off of some plastic so I decided I should do a quick and simple build, and my build of choice is Stearman Kaydet by Revell, 1/72 scale.. :] Now, I need your help! What I would like to know is what kind of weathering, exhaust stains, mud splashes, paint chipping and general extended usage deterioration could one see on one of these planes back in the day when they were extensively used? I wouldn't mind overdoing it a little bit, just as long as it is in correct places.. Any photos you may have, suggestions, anything would be helpful! :] Also, many pictures on the internet show the different propeller color/material..I'm guessing the original used was wooden, and the later restorations feature metal propellers? Anyway, type in question is N2S, known as the "Yellow Peril", with the tail number/registration as shown on the picture below.. I'm not sure where and on what kind of runway this particular unit was used, maybe that could be a factor in deciding proper weathering too.. Any help is very appreciated! :]
  4. I've been very busy lately so I haven't had that much time, but my Heinkel is slowly progressing.. I will post new photos soon.. :]
  5. There's my problem, I had no idea about the gloss coat when doing a wash, thank you both! :]
  6. Hello everyone, this is my first WIP here on Britmodeller, and a first serious build in years, so let's see how this goes.. :] I recently got myself an airbrush and had been trying it out on a discarded 1/32 Revell SBD-3 Dauntless just to be sure I have some idea about what I'm doing.. Also, I have little to none experience in washes and some other things, so this build will have a lots of first! Here goes.. Cockpit is assembled and painted a first coat.. After that the seat was added and small details painted.. I was interested to see how seatbelts will work so I made them out of masking tape..a little bit of detail is still needed, but that's good enough for now.. As I said, I have almost no experience with washes, so I wasn't sure how this will turn out..I started with the interior which will not be as visible as the cockpit.. I used black acrylic paint thinned with water and a soft brush to apply it.. Picture without wash is first, and the one with wash is second.. After that little struggle and a moment of 'Oh no what did I do' I used the new experience to carefully apply washes to cockpit.. I'm quite happy with how it turned out, probably because I was much more careful this time.. All in all, I think I'll use airbrush with slightly darker color next time for most of my interior shading.. You can also notice I didn't pay much attention to bomb bay when it comes to painting bombs and washes 'cause it almost won't be visible at all.. Oh, and the seatbelts still need a bit of work, though.. That's all for now, I'll post more as I progress, your thoughts and advices are welcome! :]
  7. Thank you, I'm ordering myself a bag soon.. :]
  8. Excellent build so far, I'm about to start to build the same kit, your topic will be of great help.. :]
  9. Good job, especially on the cockpit! What did you use for grass? It looks really good..
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