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  1. Mafney

    jeff gordon nascar

    Looks like you've recovered it well, will be good to see it finally complete!
  2. Mafney

    Lancia 037 Stradale/Rally

    Looks great, well done!
  3. Mafney

    Airfix 1/32 Fiesta WRC

    Nicely finished, I like your take on the colour scheme. I've got of these kits in my stash, so it will be going on the bench next I think!
  4. Mafney

    Revell 1:24 Enzo Ferrari

    Looking forward to seeing this kit go together, I think the blue scheme you put a picture of earlier would have looked really nice and I can't believe you didn't want to paint a pink one! I guess you can't go wrong with a red Ferrari though!
  5. Mafney

    jeff gordon nascar

    Will be following this build with interest, still looking to get my hands on a NASCAR kit!
  6. Looks like its coming together nicely, keep up the good work!
  7. Mafney

    Airfix Quickbuild cars

    Looks like a good little kit, maybe something that would get the modelling mojo running again if you found yourself stalled during / inbetween builds. Could probably be easily improved upon and detailed up a bit too, depending on how creative you feel!
  8. Mafney

    Aoshima McLaren Longtail

    Great finish there, well done!
  9. Mafney

    bbc2 now graham hill

    Hopefully it will be on iPlayer!
  10. Looking great so far Rick, will be watching this with interest! Never done a bike kit yet myself, but am now thinking about adding a couple to my stash for future builds.
  11. Mafney

    Any Lotus 7 fans here?

    As Roy says, it varies but most people say it that way generally I find. Depends how proper you like to pronounce the Queen's English!
  12. Mafney

    Any Lotus 7 fans here?

    I've got the 1/24 Tamiya kit in my stash as well, although I think it would be nice for a company such as that to make a more modern Caterham R500 or CSR kit to represent what is more often seen and available today. Following on from that in real life, I currently work for a small motorsport team who specialise in the preparation, maintenance and race support of around 10 Caterham racing cars at the moment, mainly being highly modified C400's or CSR's, which these days are now pushing 280-300bhp+ with 6 speed sequential gearboxes, flatshift systems (if you are still using a lever, which allows you to change gear at full throttle!) and now most people are upgrading to a paddleshift setup for an almost seamless gear change.Quite a progression from the spec when they were originally built! We also service and setup quite a few road and trackday cars as well, and I have had the pleasure of briefly working on a original Lotus 7 historic racer, which made a nice change to have virtually zero electronics at all compared to the modern cars! However, the basic chassis design and suspension layout is almost identical, only a few tweaks and adjustments have been made over the years to create the ultimate winning formula for the (relatively) affordable price in racing terms.
  13. Tough choice between the two, but I went for option 1. I can see this turning into a case of building one of each color scheme!
  14. Mafney

    BRZ Street Custom

    Looking good so far, that body colour is very nice!
  15. Oooo this is going to be good, still love that box art!