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  1. Plus, the rotary engine was spewing exhaust & castor oil; that will darken/weather the red (or any color) quite a bit
  2. From what I understand the German's couldn't figure out why the Brits were using Aldis sight as when they [Germans] tried it the sight would fog up. Apparently when manufactured, the sites were filled & sealed with very low-humidity air; & somehow the seals were compromised before the Germans tested it. And concerning MvR & sights - I suspect he would say that if you need a sight you are not close enough.
  3. I really hope that it isn't molded in red plastic.
  4. Goering Fokker DVII & DFW Mid-Production from Sprue Bros (they shipped it out 4 hrs later(!)) Taube was sold out Really hoping that someone buys / borrows the molds for the HP O/100 (or better yet O/400). I need something to balance out the the AEG in the stash.
  5. Richtofen's own book (although there was a ghostwriter used to make it flow better), 'The Red Battle Flyer" is available online at https://www.gutenberg.org/files/41159/41159-h/41159-h.htm ; I believe he dictated a bunch of stories to a stenographer while recuperating from his July 1917 head wound. As it was written during the war it is a 'in-the-moment' type of book, with no historical context as that takes time to develop. Also, my great-grandfather's cousin, who flew with Richtofen, is actually mentioned in the book.
  6. I would think it would be a darker red (like the photo above) vs a "fire engine red". But what do I know?
  7. ARHinVA

    WNW new kit hint

    That is a possibility. Or a Vickers Gun Bus. Or a Cauldron. Or Pfalz Eindecker. Depends on what exact engine we are looking at.
  8. ARHinVA

    WNW new kit hint

    WNW has a hint on their page of a new kit - http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/productdetail?productid=3207&cat=5 Looks to me like an early rotary engine, but I am not sure which one. Any thoughts as to type? And next step we can figure out what aircraft used this engine. Probably won't be a Martinsyde Elephant.
  9. Actually Field Marshal Wolfram v Richtofen was MvR's cousin not brother. MvR's younger brother Bolko vR lived until the 1960's IIRC.
  10. Not to mention the white paint was covering dark lozenge camouflage. The guys that painted the original had some issues to work through as well.
  11. I believe Eduard did in one of their 1/48 Weekend Editions.
  12. I have one on the way from Spruebrothers.
  13. Someone on Hyperscale hoped it would be a German Observation Balloon, with a Frank Luke Spad XIII as a Duelist boxing. I must say that would be seriously cool.
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