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  1. Another quick update, I’ve glued the cockpit to the fuselage. The IPs are just held by blue tack so that is why they are a little crooked. Will try to close the fuselage up today to, looking forward to it. Please enjoy the pictures: Jakob
  2. First of thanks! And you are right about the Authentic Decals sheet, there are markings for a Chad bird on there. That is the sheet that i'm using. A Word of warning though, something has gone wrong when they made them so the white has yellowed and if you don't apply liquid decal film on the decals they will break into tiny pieces when you place them in water. Cheers and merry christmas! Jakob
  3. Thanks man! Yeah you just gotta love The shark mouth scheme, at least i do. There are actually a few airforces in Africa that uses the su-25. The hard thing is finding decals to use, i'm going to use decals for the single seater "red 02" and switch the numbers around. If i was you i would take a look at an su-25 from Chad, they have a really nice camo i think. They Come as two seaters as well. Jakob
  4. Thank you so much guys, a little wiring does make a difference. Next step is adding the cockpit, that i'm really looking forward to. Jakob
  5. Work continues. I've painted up the front wheel well and glued it into the fuselage, it isn't perfect but since you won't se much of it anyway in the end i doesn't really matter. All the colors are vallejo air airbrushed and brushpainted and the wash is Flory black wash. A couple of pics: Jakob
  6. Thank you HOUSTON! I've primed the wheel well now and it looked good enough so a little painting and it's time to install the cockpit, wheel wells and close the fuselage up. Jakob
  7. I'm so exicted about these releases, really hope that they will actually release them. Jakob
  8. First of all thank you guys for the very kind comments! Work on the SU-25 continues and today I focused on the front wheel well which OOB is completely void of any detail what so ever. From the beginning I had decided that I wouldn't do any work on it since I thought that not much would be seen but seeing that the SU-25 sits rather high on the nose wheel you can actually see quite a lot of the underside of the fuselage and thus also the wheel wells. The added detail is Eduard etch and wire, the brackets holding the wires are strips of PE. Here is a couple of pictures of the result and feel free to comment: Jakob
  9. Hello! Time to start another build and continue the African theme. This time I’m going to build an Ivorian SU-25UB used by the Ivorian Air Force (FACI) in 2004 against rebel forces and I’m planning to build red 20. The kit is KP's SU-25UB/UBK and it's their Masterline version so it comes with a really nice multimedia cockpit too. Here's a good link if you're interesting in reading about the SU-25 in FACI service LINK. Lastly I’ll round of with a picture of the nice shark mouth of a FACI SU-25 and a couple of pictures of the cockpit that I have painted. Feel free to comment! Jakob
  10. Looking forward to seeing more, have the same kit in the pipe at home and it's actually a very nice kit, especially the cockpit.
  11. What a nice looking Flanker! What happened to your SU-30? Was following your build of that one but I suspected something had happened when there wasn’t any more updates.
  12. Thanks everybody for all the nice comments. Regarding the GB i was thinking about joining but i realized that I will never be able to finish them in time so I decided not to. Will probably have a new update Friday! Jakob
  13. Thanks! I just saw your F-14D and it looks great! So here’s an update! The last couple of days work has been mainly sanding and trying to fit the cockpit into the airplane and the first cockpit fits now, one to go. As with most Aires’s stuff the cockpit took quite a lot of sanding but more on that later. First of I did some modification to the cockpit and it involved the locking mechanism of the canopy. The locking mechanism is made up off hooks on the canopy and on the sidewalls and they hook into each other. For the hooks on the canopy Eduard came to the rescue and Aires included some very nice hooks on top of the sidewalls as you can see in the picture: What Aires did miss is that the hooks aren’t supposed to sit level with the top of the sidewall this is how it looks in real life so some modification await: I began with adding some Etch from Eduard and thinned down the HB plastic so that the etch is wider than the plastic thus creating an overhang. I also added a styrene strip to the top of the Aires sidewalls. The next step was some sanding. And this is how it looks after some sanding, I must say that I’m very pleased with the result. As I mentioned earlier I have removed quite a lot of resin to fit the cockpit and some plastic also. When I was done I had the impression that the fit of the pit was quite good but comparing it to the cockpit that hasn’t been sanded yet I realize that I’ve gotten used the bad fit of Aires stuff: See ya! Jakob
  14. Thanks kwaterous and i will have to check that GB out. I also have a quick update from the factory. I have removed the forward fuselage from their respective sprues. My first impression is very good and both the fit and detail is great with minimal flash and great surface texture. I also like the riveting and panel lines and if its the mad riveters work then I thank him. Lastly the plastic itself is in my opinion very good, its not so soft as to make it hard to work with and its not brittle and prone to breaking. My initial impression, BUY! I also started looking at the Aires pit which is as almost always a piece of art. My only complaint is that there is no guide what so ever to how its supposed to sit so I guess I will have to find some pictures showing how it sits in the real plane. If there is someone that has a picture of the part behind the aft bangseat that would be great. Pictures: Cheers Jakob
  15. Hi I’m back with a new build or builds to be exact this time I will build two F-14A from Hobbyboss in 1/48th scale. Since I saw Top Gun I always wanted a couple of F-14s in my cabinet and it was actually that movie that got me into this hobby from the beginning. I decided on the Hobbyboss after reading a lot on the internet, it would seem that about 50% hate it and 50% love them but I think it’s going to be a great build. I also have some extra bits from Eduard and Aires and the DACO book Is on the way. I also have the furball sheet with 7 cag birds that I’m going to use. For the markings I have decided to build a bird from VF-84 (of course, who doesn’t want a jolly rogers F-14) and one from VF-142 Ghostriders . I hope that I will be able to finish them this year but we will see. I also have a couple of pictures of all the stuff and also the 7 markings available an lastly my “man cave”. Cheers Jakob
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