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  1. I haven't used oils before, with exception to enamels. Does the use of cardboard reduce the drying time of enamels as well? Okay, I'd had a little look at the WIP section, but not the "ready for inspection", I'll have to have a look at that soon. I've only really made Airfix so far (out of ease, really, in town the places I buy models from only have Airfix), but now I have better access to online companies. I'd just checked that out before, it looks great! I love the jagdtider and the camo you've put on it.
  2. Okay, thanks. I'm the same with the drying, unless I'm painting things on the sprue. Is that just because enamels are oil and acrylics are water-based? Once again, thanks for the tips, I appreciate them and I'll keep them in mind. I think I'd like to start a WIP, the problem is, though, I tend to sit down with one model and it's about half done by the time I get up again, and then it's done by the second or third 'sit down'. I can definitely see a pretty big improvement on my most recent model, compared to my first. A little unrelated, but that just reminded me, do you know if I'd be able to get spare Airfix transfer decals for a model?
  3. Okay, that's great, thanks again. Not using enamels is a benefit for me, I prefer acrylics, but I've never used lacquers before. What are they like? I mean, what are their consistency's, mixing, drying times and other similar things like? Would Humbrol matt cote work well? I'm pretty new to varnishes and am being cautious with using Humbrol products with other company's.
  4. Okay, I'll make sure I do that. Yeah, I hadn't looked around that much before seeing the Airfix IS-3, the Milicast one looks great! I hadn't heard of them before, but they seem to make a lot of Soviet tanks, which a lot of the companies I've seen lack in. Hi Crossy. Okay, thanks, what about the snow/white colour part?
  5. Hi Steve, Thank you for pointing that out, the only cons I can see from them are that they're different scales to my other tank models. I really like the Roden version, though, so I might consider that one. Okay, thanks again. Do you know how the Vallejo acrylics react to Humbrol Decalfix?
  6. Hi, a bit of a newbie question, here. I'm planning on buying the Airfix JS-3 1:76 scale model soon. What Humbrol colour acrylic would you suggest for a snow camouflage? Thanks.
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