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  1. It is, yes. Thank you, no idea why I didn't think of that.
  2. Hi all, Just starting work on my first 1/35 scale model, a relatively old kit for a BM-13 Katyusha by Alan, it'll also be my first kit painted with an airbrush so that's quite exciting too. I was just wondering, does anyone have any good pictures of the engine? I'm not having much luck in my own searches and thought I'd try on here instead. Thanks, Corbin.
  3. Hi all, Finished the construction of the Yak today, along with the painting and the decals. I'll have the base cut out tomorrow, hopefully, and then may also have made a good start on the base as well. Started off this morning by finishing off the wheels and the wheel bays, and the air intake. Pretty fiddly but got there in the end. Glued in the masked canopy using Clearfix, painted the nose and masked it. I then stuck a layer of paint on the top ready for some Maskol before I apply the second colour. Added the Maskol in places to cover the one paint, then added the second colour.
  4. Hi all, Made a decent start today, I think. I've got most of the construction of the plane completed and am quite happy with it so far. Slightly bad photo of the pilot in the cockpit, took it slightly early as I tidied some of the painting on the pilot not long afterwards. Really like the raised detail of in the cockpit, tried to use a recently bought metallic pen to add some chrome rings to them and seems to have worked quite well from this photo (it seems more obvious in this than to the naked eye, but that could just be me). Cockpit glues nicely to the top of the wings, even thou
  5. Hi all, I originally meant my next WIP to be an IL-2, but changed my mind after I seen a Yak-3 online that I liked the look of and wanted to make. This will be my first kit with aftermarket parts; currently only the decals, but I'm looking into some metal exhausts (with no luck so far). I'll be building a small diorama as well, with Zvezda's Soviet Air Force Ground Crew. I'll be building Lt.Col. A.D. Yakimenko's plane. "Yakimenko entered combat against the Japanese over Khalkhin Gol in summer 1939 [and] was given credit for 3 individual and 4 shared victories. Yakimenko met the requirements
  6. Thank you. It's a pretty nice kit, but the wings are a little big where they meet the fuselage and there are some gaps which I mentioned in a previous post to you, and the smaller part of the gear bay cover don't actually attach to anything on the wings so holding them in place while the glue dries is a little fiddly. There are various other little things, and I'm not sure about the accuracy but it's pretty detailed (especially so with the decals). As I said before, the decals are nice to work with, they come off the sheet pretty quickly and don't tear or break easily. I'm not sure how it re
  7. Thank you. Thank you, the moustache is quite stereotypical of British airmen in WW2, especially so as their rank increases, so I couldn't resist adding one.
  8. Hi all, My final update on this, as the WW2 RAF Personnel figures I had in the post arrived today. Last night I got my smallest brush and, using Humbrol 24, dotted some yellow onto the grass to look like small flowers. As I'm almost certain that the RAF wouldn't have weeded the grass on the airfields. I've got the decals on and I don't think I've experienced nicer decals to work with. In the past I've had the longer, thinner decals (like the lines marking the walking areas on the wings) tear apart when moving them from the paper to the model but these were pretty tough and easy to mov
  9. Thank you. And, okay, I hadn't thought about Clearfix. I'll glue them down with that, then.
  10. Hi all, My Humbrol 56 arrived today so I've made some progress on the model, and I bought some "Grass green" acrylic from a local craft shop so I've only got a few changes to make to the diorama base before it's finished. Also, I've got the WW2 RAF Personnel in the post due in tomorrow or Friday. First of all, used a small brick trowel to put the texture gel onto the wooden base and masked off the area that is the edge of the concrete. I also marked down the rough locations of the wheels and two of the RAF personnel I intend to put on, to give me an idea of how much I wanted to make gra
  11. Hi all, Very small update today. Went into a local crafts shop and found myself some Reese's Coarse Texture Gel (it's supposed to produce a sand-like texture, but I'm sure that using the right paint might make it look more grass-like), but, I can't seem to find anywhere that explains how it's used. Have any of you used it, or anything like it? If so, any advice?
  12. Hi all, As mentioned yesterday, pictures of some gaps I couldn't quite sort out (before using filler and sanding.) Just after I spilt most of the paint yesterday I'd put the first layer on some of the plane (before running out), just as I stopped I noticed I hadn't put the filler on or sanded down the gaps, so please ignore the paint for now: Just noticed the tires need a little more paint in places, so I'll sort them out soon. Yesterday was mainly finishing the construction section of the build, only had the cannons, wheels, intakes and a few other things underneath the plane to g
  13. Thanks for the kind words. I'll post my photos from tonight in an update tomorrow, but I may have to delay the build a little. I knocked over my little tub of the Aluminium paint when cutting a bit of the sprue (should teach me not to leave them open) and am currently ordering a replacement on eBay. It should be here by Thursday. Thank you! I couldn't get a very good picture of the cockpit internals, as the light was coming from in front of me so my photos might have let the cockpit down a little. I'm not too familiar with the internals of real spitfires, but it is quite detailed. Ther
  14. Hi, all. Larger update than I intended today, but I've got a decent bit of the model done. I didn't have the exact colour for the internals of the cockpit, but figured that mixing some Humbrol 78 and 34 would get it close enough and I'm quite happy with it. I found a little tip on a Humbrol video on Youtube; if you thin down the acrylic paint slightly you can get your paint to end up looking pretty similar to as if it had been airbrushed. Or so the guy on the video told me, it's worked quite well for me in the past. Thought this measurement was a nice touch, haven't seen it on instructi
  15. Hi all, Only a little update tonight, decided to make a start on the diorama first, as I can look for some grass for it online as I make the model. Found a leftover bit of wood last night to act as the base for the diorama, there was a relatively large crack down it but I stuck some wood glue in there which had dried by earlier today. I figured that the wood didn't need to be in that good condition as it will be painted over in the end. Checked on it today and stuck some Milliput in the crack which will be sanded down tomorrow, and after that I'll be using some grey acrylic spray paint to co
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