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  1. first car was a mini clubman estate. about 23 ish years ago. built the engine myself. 998 engine, omega pistons, gapless rings, all ballanced and lightened. 270 fast road cam and twin carbs. 105 bhp at the wheels and had nearly 130 mph out of her. engine went into my next car, a mini pick up that was lowered by an inch and a half. by god that was a fun car to drive. dont think anyone does a model of either car.
  2. like those alpine figures, might have to get someone to resculpt the arms for me, want him stood in the turret, unless i can get a figure for a commander stood ther and just use his head. dont really do figures. need the practice though. jeff
  3. bugger was going to use the tamiya set. didnt realise they were wrong, whats the best set to use? and i;ll have a look at that figure andy, cheers bud
  4. cheers, was trying to remember the names of those sites. they were on my old comp that died. looks like i'll be drillilng the the filler plug and making a new one. was hoping to do wittmans tiger in russia, but i cant find a figure to go in the turret that looks anything like him.
  5. guys, i am building an early prod tiger, going to have it refuelling in the snow. however i cant find a photo of one being refuelledin the field. would they have lifted the full grating above the fuel taank? also what colour should the interior of the comanders hatch be? i;m thinking red oxide. got lots more questions, such as what colour are german 50 gal drums and what colour would the base colour for a tiger be een if it was white washed? all answers gratefully recieved. jeff
  6. cheers guys, will try amazon and ebay for both the kits
  7. one thing to remeber is that with the virago you are doing the trims round the engine cases and a lot of the chrome were actually gold plated. maade this kit years ago and apart from the nasty seam on the tank, the rest of it is lovely. jeff
  8. guys i'm trying to remember and tying to find a jaegermiester bmw e 30 m3 i think tamiya did one, but i'm not sure. can anyone help jeff
  9. if you want to go old school fighter try a slab side gsxr1100. also take a look at the streetfighters owners club and streetfighter riff raff. used to be a member and have still got my cbr 1000 fighter. those two clubs build some of the best bikes around. jeff
  10. saw vera at teesside airport a couple of weeks ago, was stunning to get so close and even inside it. took about 200 pics of all sorts like where the brake lines are run and what the landing gear bays are like inside, stuff you can never find on the net or books. would share them but i didnt realise i had a prob with my memory card and lost all but 7. gutted to say the least. awesome to see her start up and fly. simply stunning. jeff
  11. they are great, your eyes must be falling out of your head lol. how big are the aircraft? jeff
  12. i started it and it was in the sf and realspace forum, and to be honest the discusion is great. good to hear differing points of views and ideas. jeff
  13. cool wasn't sure. trying to find telescope pics of the landing site from earth, hopefully find one
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