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  1. Yes, the PE along the superstructure requires alot of "sanding work" to create a flat surface. The grey color was Vallejo Air 71051 95% + VA 71054 5% (aprox)
  2. Yes, now I know Yesterday I bought this PE set in the AvrModel online shop. Only arrives March-April. For this reason I will stop the project until the arrival of the PE set.
  3. Thanks! Yes, you are right! Maybe the kit has been delivered" on this ship or, at minimum, with a similar ship
  4. At the same time of the "second part" of the Colombo Express project (the container job!) I decided to start the USS Burton Island (Revell) First step, cut the plastic railings. I will install a new ones, I don't know how, but maybe with evergreen.
  5. Great work!!! Can you post a picture of the ship with other thing (a coin for example) to we can see the "real scale"?
  6. Half of the project is completed (it is pending the plate on the wood base). I taken these photos with my phone, this week-end I will take with a camera
  7. I need to write a opinion concerning Revell Germany. I had lost one of the anchors of my Colombo Express. And I wrote a email to Revell Germany in January explaining my "problem" and if they could to send me one anchor for this model kit. Today, I received a box with two of this anchors. All for free. Thank you REVELL!!! :)
  8. I don't know if I will use, but I did this "extra cargo" for the Colombo
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