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  1. Hi Mark Fantastic to hear you've had top results with our products and pleased you've managed to save one from the bin All the best Lee
  2. You definitely have not tried to bring a product to market have you? You were implying in your original post that we deliberately made the bottles that way so we could sell another product alongside! Just to screw over our customers. You couldn't be further from the truth! This was definitely not the case and as I've said before, the holder was concocted to counter act the bottles 'spillability'. Don't forget, we also have to compete with all our competitors in this market so, we have to keep the actual product cheap enough for it to appeal to modellers. I'll just
  3. Seriously!?! That's quite a cynical view of the world you have right there...!!! Here's a challenge for you... I invite you to go and source a bottle exactly as you've described. Here's your brief - It has to be around the 30ml mark, keep it affordable with the ability to purchase in smaller quantities and offering the protection to the contents with the correct chemical lining in the lid, it needs to be light and unbreakable so it can be shipped safely and affordably around the world (so, plastic basically), but not just any sort of plastic, it has to be the correct plastic con
  4. Hi Stalker We ship via tracked courier worldwide, even the Philippines! We have many happy customers there already. We currently have three Australian retailers that you can purchase from and soon, will have a Japanese retailer too. These are all in your neck of the woods....lol All the best Lee
  5. Hi Mike Glad to hear it wasn't our product Could you do me a favour a change your original post for me? Would be much appreciated... And yes, definitely give ours a try, you certainly won't be disappointed All the best Lee
  6. Hi Graeme We recommend you use our own cleaner - Ultimate Airbrush Cleaner - You can get some here - https://www.umpretail.com/collections/painting/products/ultimate-airbrush-thinner-cleaner-bundle All the best Lee
  7. Hi It's easily applied with a brush. As it's self levelling you'll find you'll still get a nice smooth finish
  8. Hi Mike Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience. To be honest, there must've been something wrong with the plastic itself for this primer not to adhere to it as this is the primary function for a primer! I can only assume that there was mold release agent or similar contamination on the plastic. Again with the peeling, this will solely be down to not letting it cure for long enough. As our primer is a self levelling polyurethane primer, it needs time to cure sufficiently enough to fully allow sanding and other rough treatment. We recommend that it is allowed 24 ho
  9. We are delighted to announce new additions to our Modellers Sanders & Thinny Stick ranges. We have added a 400/800 grit Sander and 400/400 and 800/800 grit Thinny Sticks to our range. Colour coded to ease differentiation between our other similar coloured sanders. These are available in the usual Triple Pack of Sanders and 6 Pack of Thinny Sticks. They have also been added to the Multi-Pack of Sanders, Starter Pack of Sanders, Multi Pack of Thinny Sticks and all three to the MEGA Pack of Sanders. Get yours now.... CLICK ME
  10. Thanks Jim We did our best to keep it accessible to most modellers
  11. Hi Jim Yeah, we sold 100's in the first 4 days! Caught us completely unawares, in a good way....lol. We have more on order and have three batches arriving over the next 4-6 weeks. We may do another pre order in the next 10 days or so. The price is £79.99 All the best Lee
  12. Hi Gary You can find all your answers here... If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. All the best Lee
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