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  1. Hi Terry, You'll have to ask Peter Hall about that. Here's the link to the Atlantic Models website: http://www.atlanticmodels.net I don't see a contact link there, though, so if you're on Facebook you can reach Peter here: https://www.facebook.com/peter.hall.501 Cheers, John Snyder
  2. The fact that they repainted to Admiralty Standard camouflage strongly suggests to me that they would have repainted the decks in accordance with that camo scheme, in this case from 20-B Deck Blue to G.10 grey.
  3. ATEM 50007, HMS Undine detail set in 1/500 scale. This is for the old Frog Type 15 Frigate kit which is still occasionally released by one of the Eastern European companies, but will probably be in many kit stashes as well. This will be available in about 6 weeks, once the etchers have worked their magic. Price £7.50 GB Pounds, and pre-orders are being taken.
  4. "Thoughts for a Sunday afternoon!! I am currently working on the patterns for two Destroyers to add to my range of 1/350 scale kits. The first is the Type 42 Batch 1, the other is the Battle. Bearing in mind my Cold War era theme, I can't decide whether to produce the Battle in the basic fit as they appeared during the 50s or as the Fleet Radar Pickets that four of the ships (Aisne, Agincourt, Barrosa and Corruna) were converted to. Who is into large lattice masts and double bedstead radars?"
  5. I'm sure there will be. I know Alan is working on track charts for the various actions.
  6. I am in receipt of several excerpts of the handwritten final draft of a forthcoming book by Alan Raven on the above subject. While much has been written on the subject in the past, this new work draws heavily on primary source documents--Allied and Axis--that was previously classified and unavailable. I'm still in the process of reading, but I can tell you that this will be a highly-readable tome that will offer some very interesting details. The acerbic Mr. Raven pulls no punches in dealing with all the various flaws of command and control that hampered the Regia Marina (flaws clearly identif
  7. A number of copies here: http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?sts=t&tn=uss+enterprise+detail+%26+scale
  8. PE 7119, 1/700 HMS Warspite/HMS Malaya for the Trumpeter kit and designed by Peter Hall is now available, priced at $21.00. You'll find it on the WEM website: https://www.whiteensignmodels.com/ Cheers, John Snyder
  9. From Peter Hall, for those of you in the UK: "It's the time of the year again for the annual Sword and Lance model show at Darlington College on Saturday 9th. "I will be there with my collection of ships on display as usual, and hopefully will be meeting Atlantic customers old and new, as well as friends of old from the hobby. "I won't be having a trader stand as such, just an exhibition stand, but I will have have a box of the surplus kits that I have accumulated in the stash over the past year or so at bargain prices. "If anyone wishes to order any Atlantic Models kits or accessor
  10. ATEM 60004, HMS Tiger Detail Set, 1/600 scale for the Airfix kit. Includes replacement masts, director platforms, tailored-to-fit railings, crane jib, boat details, radars & antennas. Price £9.50, pre-orders until available.
  11. This just in from Peter Hall on Atlantic's Facebook page: "This is for those of you who have been asking about the progress of the 1/350 scale Type 21 Frigate kit. It has been set back a bit due to the complexity of the superstructure and my slowness in figuring out how to divide it up into castable sections. I think I have it sorted now for the most part and I just need to get down to the fine details now.
  12. Well, it was sort of there at the last SMW, with Richard Harden of Tom's Modelworks/WEM joined by Peter Hall to carry on the tradition.
  13. Hi Folks, It's great to be back on Britmodeller! As most of you know, White Ensign Models went into receivership at the end of November 2014. Since that time, Richard Harden of Tom's Modelworks bought the WEM line of kits, photoetch, and detail parts and has been working to get the lines back into production. Now, with the able assistance of Peter Hall, new items are coming on line as well! Here's the latest from deft hands of Peter "Mad Pete" Hall for WEM: PE 7118, 1/700 HMS Ark Royal 1941, for the new Aoshima kit. The set brings all the detail and quality you've come to expect from W
  14. Hi Dave, Peter asked me to post these pics: along with his comment: "I think they are self explanatory, but the picture of the bow showing the draft marks clearly shows that the ones in the decal sheet are as they appear in the photo. Due to the lack of photos of the actual ship but relying on what was in the original kit, there doesn't appear to be any draft marks anywhere else on the ship. There must have been some at the stern but I do not have any pictures as to what the looked like. As far as the plimsoll marking go, all ships varied in what was actually on the side. A small 160 f
  15. Are you building the 1/130 Shell Welder kit? We have news for you! Following several requests for decals for the MT Shell Welder kit that is being produced by various Eastern European companies nowadays, I have put together a set of images of the original content from the kits decal sheet as it was produced by Frog models--plus the addition of the flags that were on a sheet of sticky backed paper, now all in decal form: I have not been given a price yet from the printers, but will let you know what the retail will be as soon as I know. Pre Orders can be sent in as usual by e-mail:
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