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  1. Hi all,

    had some fun yesterday, when they pinched my satchel from the vehicle in the sleepy little village of Chiredzi, where I have been shopping every few weeks for thirty years...

    The times they are a'changing, as that has been unheard of before.

    Beside a lot of money, passport, driving licence, bank cards, etc, the b..tards pinched my cell phone...

    So I am a serious problem for taking photos of builds' progress...

    I will have to keep building my kits quietly until such time I can borrow the fancy camera of SWMBO.  As I got her charity's money pinched, that may take a while.


    Cheers and have fun!






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    2. jean


      Hi Ozzy, 

      first time ever I have been robed of anything substantial! I will not mention the cop we gave a lift to, a couple of months ago, who pinched all my ratchet spanners from my tool box while sitting in the back of our Land Cruiser...

      Most Zimbabweans are extremely decent people, but you have scums as well, like anywhere around this planet.

      Re my wife letting me borrow her camera, one small step at a time!




    3. Col Walter E Kurtz

      Col Walter E Kurtz

      Sorry to hear about this Jean. Yes indeed there are a few rotten apples around. Like the person who stole my Dad's ipad when he went to visit my mum on her birthday in her care home! ... he left it in her room for 15 mins  after we had done a facetime call and some nameless scum bag stole it!   Any way i hope you can sort your new documents out quickly. t's such a pain.Regards


    4. Col Walter E Kurtz

      Col Walter E Kurtz

      As if life isn't hard enough at the moment!

  2. Hi guys,


    I do not normally enter new status updates, but as we have just had fun since last Thursday night with cyclone Idai, who had the good idea to pass over our heads in South Eastern Zimbabwe, I decided to share a couple of pictures.

    This is the Turgwe River, that flows just beneath our home. Normally a couple of fairly narrow channels' The other bank is about 350 meters away.

    Thanks to the rains Idai brought along,the river went berserk. After this photo was taken, it raised another 2 meters...


    Turger flood March 2019


    So yesterday morning we decided to see if our only dirt road out of here was usable with a 4 x 4. We drove 10 km with the Land Cruiser and stopped when we found a river running across the road. I went to walk into the water to see whether it would be still possible to drive through, but after the next bend, some 20 m further away. the water was reaching my waist and the current was becoming quite strong. So discretion became the best part of valor and I got back to the car...

    Which I got thoroughly stuck in mud while attempting a U-turn. No comment.


    the way out...



    It took us 1 1/2 hour to get out, with yours truly lying in the mud in bucketing rain, while attempting to jack the stuck rear wheel up... No success doing that as the mud was too thick,

    But we got it out eventually.

    So no driving out for a while! Who said Africa was not fun?





    1. Gorby


      That looks a tiny bit different to where I live. Our idea of a driving headache, is the occasional roadworks – not when the road has washed away!

    2. nimrod54


      Good to know you were able to get the 4x4 out Jean. The rainfall has certainly made up for the drought conditions of the last few years, but I am guessing that it has fallen at the wrong time of year, and that with that amount falling at one time will be of little use.


      Both of you stay safe.


      John and Caron 

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