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  1. Another great F1 Ferrari build from you Lowbrow. I have been quietly following all of your 1:43 Ferrari RFI's and have to say they are a very cool collection and nicely built - very well done!! The wishbones ('A' frames) at the top of your picture are the plastic ones, but a good replica nonetheless! Good luck with your move and I wish you well with your next round of chemo - hope all comes to a successful conclusion. P.S. - Really like the look of your prepped 1960's Ferraris, they'll look supercool when finished and painted. All the best, Kev
  2. Beautiful work Ian, one of, if not THE best builds I've seen of this Roden VC-10 kit! Stunning - very well done! PS - I agree, the gold foil decals do look much more classy and elegant than the ordinary gold painted ones, very nice indeed. Kev
  3. Another fabulous build from you Fuad, I always enjoy looking at your work! It never ceases to amaze me how fantastic your painting and weathering looks and especially fantastic that it is in 1:72 scale - I wish I knew how you did it! Kev
  4. What a pretty Spitfire and as you say, a very attractive scheme, very well done Paul - I like it a lot. Kev
  5. You made a good job of what is a very basic kit Brad, certainly looks nice and I like the clean finish - very well done. Kev
  6. dear mr modeler library staff have made it possible for me to contact you i am 65 with little knowledge

    of computers but i stumbled on your tribute to wing commander johnie johnson. i have had the tamiya

    1/32 mkxc kit for 2 years (in preparation for retirement)your entry shows many truly wonderful 

    pictures of the engine and that an explanation of them is on another forum.i would very mutch like to

    find that information.i am sure i can do a half decent job on the model unlike my effort on this contraption.please be sure i am most grateful for your showing me what can be done.now i must go 

    back to the staff on how to send this and find any reply/future entries you may make

    my sincere thanks norman

  7. Thanks for the extra photos Steve, very much appreciated and some nice angles too - such a pretty little sportscar, gotta get one of these on my workbench!! Kev
  8. Very nice Steve, you've done a cracking job on your model. A pretty little sportscar, and a model I will be purchasing at some point this year having seen your work - well done!! Any more photos from different angles available by any chance? Kev
  9. Nicely built Jake, really like your extra little details and the subtle weathering, especially the dirty windscreen with it's wiper effect. Looks good against a black background too, well thought out!! Kev
  10. A very nice build of a classic F1 Ferrari Hugh, looks great and I love the way you've done the heat staining to the ends of the exhaust - very well done. Kev
  11. Lovely work Jake a credit to your skills. I too have been looking at getting one of these Ebbro kits and in particular the Tyrrell 003, so I'm pleased that you've shared a built example for me to look at. Did you add any further detail or aftermarket parts or is that the level of detail that comes as standard in the box? Do those tyres come pre-painted with the Goodyear Eagle logos and the thin blue stripe? Thanks for sharing Jake - excellent stuff !! Kev
  12. Nice work Stefan, you've done a great job with such an old kit, beautifully built and painted. Great to see one of these rarer subjects on the forum, thanks for sharing!! Happy New Year to you too!! : Kev
  13. A nice group of British aircraft, nicely built and displayed. Very well done, they look superb and thanks for sharing. Kev
  14. That is a beautiful model Carl, you should be very proud of your work. A very neat and tidy build, well done. Kev
  15. Stunning build Steve, I have a soft spot for the Stearman and your model is one of the best I've ever seen, simply fabulous. Very well done indeed!! Kev
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