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  1. Hi Ade, contact Pete Watson on FBook, he is the man behind Pete’s Bases. Pete will create bespoke plinths for busts but also carries a stock that may be suitable for your needs. Pete is an accomplished figure painter and so he will know what you need at very competitive prices. He trades at various model and figure shows but will also mail you your order
  2. Totally forgot about this mate, what a great turnaround though, looking great
  3. Lovely work again mate and the way you’ve shot it really looks like it’s lit purely by moonlight
  4. Looks great mate. Totally know where you’re coming from regarding mojo. We all need to get back to the club so roll on the 20th and get some mojo building craic on the go.
  5. Love it Simon, just seen this and White Rabbit, perfect
  6. Brilliant work Jonny and so inspiring. Still can't seem to get the rivet decals in the UK yet and Arma are saying they are not allowed to ship to the UK under the present COVID restrictions, especially with the "new variant" so I'll just have to wait and bide my time. Great work though!!
  7. She’s looking superb mate, well worth the toil and looks great based up
  8. Fabulous and inspiring as always Jonny. Can’t wait to see how those rivets complete a beautifully executed build so far and then paint! It’s just like waiting for Santa . All the best Brian
  9. Absolutely brilliant finale to a fantastic and interesting build, I love it Brian
  10. The rivet decal set is available from Arma models in the next couple of weeks and can be pre-ordered for 500 ru, around £5 , god knows what shipping would cost though. Cheers Your work is inspiring, Jonny Brian
  11. Theses are beautiful kits to build, that just fall together. I still have the rubber bumper version to build but did my chrome bumper in baby blue. I need to dig out some pics. Great build by the way and stunning paint job
  12. As already stated many times over, simply stunning job all round Rob
  13. Looking forward to this mate, you bringing it down tonight?
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