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  1. Theses are beautiful kits to build, that just fall together. I still have the rubber bumper version to build but did my chrome bumper in baby blue. I need to dig out some pics. Great build by the way and stunning paint job
  2. As already stated many times over, simply stunning job all round Rob
  3. Looking forward to this mate, you bringing it down tonight?
  4. This is a great little kit. I finished mine in baby blue and also have the rubber bumper version. Well done
  5. Cracking result mate, you got to be proud of that one
  6. I've now seen this in the flesh guys and it's even more impressive than the pictures portray. When the mast and turrets are added, this is going to look awesome!! Brian
  7. I think you’re really enjoying this one mate. You definitely did the right thing leaving some the kit parts on the tubes for the brass - looking great
  8. Hey mate, that's turned out really well, I love it Brian
  9. Absolutely stunning Mick in every respect, build, paint & finish and photography, thanks for the whole journey Brian
  10. Congratulations on her completion mate - stunning
  11. She’s looking stunning mate, and that base really sets it off. If I hadn’t had the news I had today I would have got some paint on mine tonight!
  12. Looking great mate, making massive progress now. I'm trying to do likewise with my JO'B
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