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  1. I agree, the decoloured has that real sand blasted dessert climate weathering look
  2. I have two commission built F-16I Sufa oob in 1/48 scale. These were not twin build at the same time but one after another using two different kits hence the slight variations. Hope you liked them.
  3. jzsn

    A scammer

    Has anyone came across this website before? https://www.facebook.com/finebuiltmodels https://www.finebuiltmodels.com/ https://www.instagram.com/fine_built_models/ Appears to be a Russian scammer. He claims to be Turkish, but payment is apparently sent to Russia. Has very good understanding in modeling and maintain his social media facade extremely well. So don't fall prey to this one. Here is a personal experience passed down to me: https://ibb.co/RQdNHFB https://ibb.co/LZv2BnZ
  4. The cockpit base has fitting issue. When you place the cockpit on the lower fuselage, the upper fuselage cannot close. I had to trim and cut off major chunk of the base of the cockpit. Instruction menu does not tell which pylon to use with which ordnance Some parts have the small pimples that suppose to help you glue and fit onto the main fuselage but there are no holes available. So I end up trimming them off. Some tiny parts are super fragile landing gear has fitting issues Nose is light will tilt slight backward, recommend to add weight inside the nose cone.
  5. I would like to share a dual build OOB of two kitty hawk 1/48 Su-34. Making 2 at a time is such as laborious task, which most certainly can be categorized as a form of self-torture and I shall gladly never attempt again. The kit is incredibly detailed buth riddled with many issues and unclear instructions.
  6. This is hobbyboss kit? Looks much better than negative reviews. I'm waiting or KittyHawk's review
  7. Don't believe I have posted this finish before. It was completed a while ago but recently I gave it a new layer of matte coating and decided to humbly share with you. A few in process pics, this black primer was very expensive but the best I have ever used.
  8. Thank you for the kind words, I have built 4 Academy kits all of their versions. Aside from their obvious inaccuracies, I believe the build qualities of their flankers are the highest of their entire 1/48 line-up.
  9. Pleased to present another new finish. Kinetic Su-33 completely OOB build. The camo was airbrushed freehand and is not as sharp as it should be. This is now my 6th flanker build of various variants, just waiting on Kittyhawk's Su-34
  10. Yes exactly! I'm building an IRIAF out of the Tamiya kit this year.
  11. Finished this mighty struggle with the cheaply made but easy to build Academy F-14. But overall fast build only took me 3 weeks. The panel line were extremely shallow which forced me to use the good old pencil in method. The best part was the variable wings.
  12. I used Mr. Color 307 and 308. Those are gray matched for F-15
  13. That's the Chinese navy version of Su-33. Yes the Su-33 kit supplies a bent down nose antenna for parked configuration.
  14. This was a very quick build started right after New Year after a slow 2016. This was a Tamiya F-15C kit so there may be some inaccuracies. Two completed projects in 2016 J-15 Flying shark prototype 1/48 parked configuration with dummy missiles Su-30 Prototype 1/48
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