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  1. Hi Guys, Its been a while since I last posted, so apologies. Here are a few F-15DJ's that I completed. Both were the superb F-15E from Revell, both 1/144 with DXM decals. Fun to paint, and fun all around, they always put a smile on my face. F-15DJ blue by tonyrichard24759, on Flickr F-15DJ black by tonyrichard24759, on Flickr hand F-15 by tonyrichard24759, on Flickr
  2. Hi mark, It was the late one, as I had to cut the wings off. It's not as bad as it sounds as the two halves are held together at the front and back of the wings by about 4mm of plastic. Very easy to separate a knife did one and a razor saw did the other. Tony
  3. Hi Ben, Its all completely out of the box. And yes you do get the tug depending on which kit you buy. The nerve jingling bit was cutting the wings so you can fold them, and securing the wing folds requires 3 hands!! With the supports they supply with the kit its (fairly) secure. If I'd done a CAG machine it wouldn't be half as dirty and weathered, but I made a CAG E-2 last year and made it cleanish. This time I could have done the same but I wouldn't learn a new technique about weathering. You can teach an old dog new tricks if you want to!! Thanks for the great comments and hope it gets
  4. Hi Canalguna, I used the Italeri MH-60. Its a good base, but needs some work. The interior walls are shocking, you need to add quite a bit to beef it up. I also remade the straps on the fuel tank, again out of the metal container of a tomato puree tube. Close up you can tell. They tend to look after their helicopters so they don't get too beat up, although when you see one close up they are sealed together with mastic, and depending on the gap depends on how much they use! I'm sure you'll do a great job and look forward to seeing yours. Tony
  5. Hi Guys, I'm on a roll, so here is my last one before you get bored. This is my Kinetic 1/48 scale EA-6B, straight from the kit, with kit decals. Its a joy to build, but time consuming to paint, as it has so many colours> red, white, and 3 shades of gray, plus the preshading. EA-6B-1 by tonyrichard24759, on Flickr SONY DSC by tonyrichard24759, on Flickr The wing folds are a total joy to build and look fantastic on the finished model. SONY DSC by tonyrichard24759, on Flickr The weathering is heavy, but they do get a tad messy. The walkways are airbrushed on as you don't get them
  6. Hi Guys, I hope you like the next images. Some would say I have an obsession with the Pave Hawk, I'll let you decide. Here are my 3 Pave Hawks, the Academy 1/32, Italieri 1/48, and Dragons 1/144. The big ones needed guns fitted, and other bits, and if you think I'm making the guns for the 1/144 scale one, think again! I've posted pics of the 1/32 one, so won't bore you again, but there are closer images of the 1/144 and 1/48. The 1/48 scale one needs extensive mods, especially flare and chaff dispensers, which were scratch built. The gun mounts and ammo cans are scratch built too. SONY D
  7. Thanks guys for all of the positive comments. The Revell F-14 is a superb kit, it goes together so well. The trick is the painting. It has so much detail you have to pick where the pre-shading is going to go, and then be subtle, as you are covering most of it up. On the plus side you can get away with a dirty Tomcat as they are clean as a whistle at the start of a cruise & filthy at the end. Regards, Tony
  8. Thanks Guys, Good luck with its big brother Oliver, I'd love to see the results when you are finished. Tony
  9. Hi guys, Its been a LONG while since I last posted, please forgive me. Here is my latest effort, a Revell 1/144 scale F-14A Tomcat, which is a great kit. The photo's aren't great, so it may have taken out some of the errors!! I photoshopped out the stand on the first 2 pictures, but nothing else, as I don't know how to do anything else? Comments and critics welcome. F-14-1 by tonyrichard24759, on Flickr F-14-2 (2) by tonyrichard24759, on Flickr F-14-2 by tonyrichard24759, on Flickr F-14-4 by tonyrichard24759, on Flickr
  10. Jeez it make the A-10 look like a beauty queen. Nice job on the model though.
  11. Lovely weathering job. I have to admit I've made two of these and would put Tamiya's A-1 at the top of my all time list for perfect aircraft models. I never use any filler, and you have detail that's superb. Add onto this the units that have flown it. Need I say any more.
  12. I always think the Greek F-16's look good, colours and large spine. Very nicely made.
  13. Nice finish, beautiful aircraft. I'd be proud of that.
  14. I LOVE it. Japanese art is my cup of tea, and this on an F-15 its especially great. I can see why its not to everyone's taste, but like it, everyone for themselves, but I'd make one like that. Well done
  15. 1/72 isn't my scale, but I couldn't tell you what scale it was its that good, its very nice, and a classic aircraft.
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