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  1. Can't add much to what has been already said, very nicely built and displayed; anyone would be thrilled to receive such a model. Well done Guy. Richard.
  2. Agreed, a beautiful model, time well spent with the refined detailing. Réale was a galley and the personal property of the king I believe. Richard.
  3. Looks to be a nice model from Revell and you're doing it justice as usual Andy. Cheers, Richard.
  4. Superb, the cloak detail pattern is beautifully done; how do you approach this kind of technique, it looks very complex? Cheers, Richard
  5. Hi Timmas, Thank you so much for the decals you made for me, they are just what I needed. I haven't been model making for what seems like an age but, will hopefully be back to it soon. Thanks again. Kindest Regards, Richard.
  6. Hi, As far as detailing/photo etch there is the dedicated Paragrafix set( I have this, it's superb) but mostly concerns the cockpit. You would also want to get some flat panel LEDs to back the photo etch(get these from "Age of plastic", just google that with "Millennium Falcon" and it will take you to his site, loads of great info there too and links to his 3d printed parts.) Green Strawberry also do dedicated sets for this model, may be worth a look at. Many people use the Tamiya fine surface primer(grey) to prime the model and then lay a base coat down of Tamiya AS-20 insignia white (rattlecan) or you can use LP-35 insignia white(Lacquer paint range) or a mixture of Tamiya flatt white XF-2 and Deck tan XF-55. If you wanted to really push the boat out in terms of paint you could go the route of "screen accurate" paints by Archive X enamel based paints ( Pretty expensive, I have some and will be using these with Tamiya and Gunze Sangyo). There are dedicated groups on FB for the PG falcon and the Archive X paints, some helpful people and links there also. Hope this helps a little. Cheers, Richard
  7. Hi, I have bought some of Tamiya LP-23 flat clear lacquer paint and it looks quite opaque/yellow/brown compared to other clears that I have( including Dull cote, also lacquer based). Is this normal for this type of clear? Thanks, Richard.
  8. Hello Timmas, Is this offer still available? I would like some decals for a 1/350 CH-46 Sea Knight if possible (Naval version). Are you able to help? Thank you. Richard.
  9. Beautiful work Andy. I have an advanced Tie fighter to build and will use your superb rendition as an inspirational guide. Regards Richard
  10. Thanks gamblor916, just what I needed to know.
  11. Hi, I have been looking for good reference material for Bandai's 1/72 model and the above mentioned book has been suggested. My main concern is that it's in Japanese and that there does not seem to be an Enlish version available?. Is it still worth trying to get hold of and can anyone offer advice on other sources? Thank you. Richard.
  12. Hi Andy, That looks fantastic, looks much larger than it is in reality. Beautifully painted as usual. You mentioned using a glaze medium, is this Vallejo 70.596 and do you thin it further with water? Regards Richard
  13. Hi Seadog, A charming little boat, beautiful. I have only just found this build and thought I would comment. Great work. Regards Richard
  14. Looks great Danny, I particularly like the starfield diorama with the saturn like planet. Good job. Regards Richard
  15. Hi Andy, Hope that you enjoy your time at the forum, they are a good bunch here with much knowledge and kind advice on all sorts of subjects. Regards Richard
  16. That's a very nice collection of droids and the new addition looks superb even if not "accurate" as you say (few would know that). Really top class build and paintwork as usual Andy. Regards Richard
  17. It looks good already Andy. I am tempted to go the "no primer" route myself having had such poor results with Alclad recently. Do laquer paints adhere better than standard Tamiya or gunze?. I may give it a go but it seems strange not to primer, though I never used to back in the day. Wishing you all a Happy New Year. Cheers Richard
  18. It seems that it does in fact come with the P.E. and LEDs to answer my own question. I noticed on the last link that the pre-order is through Revell? The postage is not included and is listed as from £6
  19. Does anyone know if this version of the PG falcon will include the photo-etch and the LED lighting?
  20. Superb work Andy, always a pleasure to see your builds. Cheers Richard
  21. Hi Andy, Another lovely build. Do you use a DSLR or phone for your pics? Cheers Richard
  22. Jürgen.Thank you for you reply, sad to see you leave as it has been a pleasure to view your beautiful builds. Good luck and good bye. Kind Regards Richard
  23. Another very nice build, it would be a pity if it were your last here. I know that Minicraft did a TR3a but I don't know if any suitable etch wheels are available in the "aftermarket". Well done on another build to such a high standard. Cheers Richard
  24. I know this is an old thread, but, this company are second to none in product quality and customer service that is truly excellent. I have no reservations recommending them at all. Thanks for the original review, glad I found these people. Regards Richard
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