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  1. Hi, What I have done is cut back the clear dome with 1200 wet and dry with water and fairy liquid (dish soap) as a lubricant. Then use a plastic polish like Novus or tamiya compound to polish up to a high shine. You could just use polishing compounds working from course through to fine. Do inside and out for clarity. I then masked the head with 1mm micro tape and primed it. The tape should give me a clean joint for gluing. I plan to finish painting the inside of the head then tape or use rubber bands to hold the clear dome in place. Then I will run some Tamiya extra thin or plastic weld along the joint, use small amounts of liquid glue and don't flood the joint as there may be a risk of fogging the clear dome. when thoroughly dry I will fill and fair the joint after masking the clear dome. I will use melted sprue or milliput for filling the joint between the clear part and the rest of the head, but like I say, masking it first. I must stress that I do not know for certain that this way will be easy or even work as I have not got round to cementing the clear part. It may be possible to use a non fogging super glue or clear epoxy. I will be trying the liquid glue method. The front of the clear part will be black and fades to transparent so you could start at this place as it can be hidden if it doesn't work. Hope that helps. All the best Richard P.S. Have you seen this same kit built and modified by Yoshihiko Sano, It's certainly worth a look.
  2. I also have this kit that is sporadically being worked on. I spent a lot of time cleaning up. I would be interested to know how you are going to glue the clear head part. I have cut back and polished the transparent part and it can be made a great deal clearer than it comes oob. Looking forward to more of your build. Cheers Richard
  3. Rwa66

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    Hi Ken, Coming along nicely, The pastel shading on the deck adds a lot of interest.
  4. Hello Jurgen, Yes, Kits are very often somewhat euphemistic in the descriptions given on the box, that said, you have managed to produce another beautiful model. Regards Richard
  5. These bandai kits are so very nice looking, I had not planned on getting very many but can see myself getting a few more. The B -wing looks very nice. Richard
  6. Thanks for the reply cc, I think the best choice for spraying some paints is always going to be outside, especially when you do not own an extractor/spray booth. Cheers Richard
  7. Hi cc, Looking good, what primer did you use on the body shell, it came out very flat and even. Nice to see some of the 1:1 cars that you fix. Cheers Richard
  8. Hi John, That build has so much in the way of character, really atmospheric. Great job. Regards Richard
  9. Rwa66

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    Hi Kp, I personally think that the p.e. can look great unpainted, like it does on the pontos site for example. I also have seen quite a lot of your work and I don't think it is rubbish at all. The main objective has to be what you get from building and not to be too swayed by what others think. Regards Richard
  10. Looks good, I may get one. I noticed a mention of 1-72 mini figures to be released spring/summer, I wonder if these will be similar to the ones originally included with the 1-72 x-wings etc?
  11. Looks great, nice job. Always been a little apprehensive about the vinyl kits but do have an Alien 3 that I'm working on in fits and starts. You have done a very nice job, really looks the part. Cheers Richard
  12. Rwa66

    1/350 CVA-63 Kitty Hawk

    Hello RaiderHall 1, Looking very good, have seen some of your builds on ACB, Good to see you are still hard at work. Regards Richard
  13. The falcon looks interesting, wonder if it will come with landing legs like the other 1-144 ones. When is this due for release?
  14. Hi Mike, A bit late I know but finally caught up with the build of this one. She looks superb, you have managed to produce a stunning model, lovely paintwork. Well done, really very nice work. Is the trop very far from finished yet? Cheers Richard
  15. Rwa66

    Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

    It's very easy to be hyper-critical of your own work, especially when looking at high resolution close ups etc. You should be pleased with your work, it sounds like it was an epic build and that it clearly came good at the end. Kudos for seeing it through. Regards Richard