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  1. Rrrright, friends. This got a a little out of hand. In this thread there will no fighting over politics. No cussing either. Some of politics of course need to be thought of, as there is no war without politics and we need a backstory. Although I may be a Finn who are notorious for swearing, I will not do it here. I might say that I am outspoken to my kid who is 24 now and in a few years a doctor. But I understand here are kids, who are not used to cussing. Let them be alone. Or rather their parents. Shipping stuff around is frustrating. But I am willing to fund this project. As I told before in this speculative diorama, it happens in autumn '46. At dusk. Right before the sunrise when the charge call comes. Hence a couple of LED campfires among the about hundred German soldiers waiting for the order to strike. The Modelcollect Ratte seems promising. This will be a lifetime diorama. And I just thought maybe some of you would like to help? I would be glad to give someone else the chassis, for example. I like figures better, as they are kinda personal. So let's see how it will do in IPMS convention, okay?
  2. Yup. That is peanuts to me, But it is rather costly. And it is not released yet. They take just preorders. The weapons kit is not quite released either, bus as far as I understood, they're gonna release it first. Ordered mine already from a German hobby shop. As there will not be inter EU customs, shipping is much cheaper, and it actually arrives in a couple of days. If anyone is interested in beefing it up with the obvious scout and forward observer for those insane pocket battleship guns, here... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/957423-rs-models-92183-flettner-282-b-0 I do warn you again. That sucker has more flash than actual parts. Needs a patience of steel.
  3. I never said he was an aerospace engineer. I used the vague word "consultant" just because his role was probably quite trivial, giving a few opinions about ground attack planes and how they should be. You, signore, seem to have some kind of personal grudge. No need for that. Or did I urinate in your morning cereals or something?
  4. Well, I definitely agree Rudel was a complete nazi poopchute. I do not agree with a death sentence in any circumstances, though. That would make us just as bad as them. Interestingly enough, if you read about Bader, his ultra right wing conservative and racist approach was very close to nazi nastiness. Yet, pilots have a certain code of honour. That has been tarnished in the realities of war, though. I am still the hopeless romantic. Although I disagree with anything nazi / stalinist, I cannot help being moved by the story of the Natter test pilot. He had been demoted for drunken disorderly conduct. And given a chance to redeem himself. The letter to his bride, stating something like "I may not return from this alive, but I will always love you" is touching. A flaming nazi or not. And I don't actually know his political motives, and in this respect they do not matter.
  5. Oh, I trust it is not, kersantti. Just wondering at what?
  6. About so. I know some hardcore nazis like Hans Ulrich Rudel (read his autobiography) also wanted the Patton solution. Despite his questionable motives, Rudel was respected for his ground attack pilot skills. Enough to be a consultant in designing the A-10 Warthog. Douglas Bader himself took the POW to his manor and arranged a better prosthetic leg. As the Yanks he originally surrendered to stole even that among his Ritterkreuz and other decorations. I do not wish to diss Yanks generally, but in this particular case Brits had more honour. Thanks for the inspiration. As I have told, there must be a beefed up Koliibri scout / attack helo. And who would be better piloting that than Rudel? This is starting to sound like an all-star cast of old farts like the Expendables
  7. I know what you mean. Being speculative fiction although based on some guidelines from reality, it gives more room for creativity. Actual historical "museum pieces" do have their own charm, too. But sometimes you just wanna go a bit crazy.
  8. Holy hells! THAT thing in 1/35 makes even me faint. But I think folks here mean the planned big sister of the Ratte. Landkreuzer 1500 Monster. A Dora on tracks. Also cancelled by Speer, who seemed to be the only one there having at least some sense, nazi or not. But that is only in puny 1/144. I like this rendering better, though...
  9. Thank you, sir. It is not in my authority to decide who is right or wrong, but it is in my authority to say I like your attitude. Whenever planning dioramas especially of this massive scale, I think of a backstory first. The backstory here in a nutshell is that Western Allies went "Patton". Meaning they realised early enough who is even worse than nazis. So they did off with Adolf and his nazi cronies and allied with "good" Germans to keep Soviets out from Europe. In this alternate history Rommel is alive, and Wittmann is not a nazi, just a brilliant panzer commander for the Rat. Happens somewhere in Eastern Europe about autumn, fourty six. Autumn really only because I love the ruska of the trees blazing in all colours. Maybe I will put some Finns in just to make the joke even worse. This is not a political statement. Just some alternate what if history. Or rather WTF history. But I won't add aliens making this mess even worse, like in Pournelle's World War epic. Or maybe just one lizard scout in the bushes...
  10. Pardon me. I didn't mean it was a disaster in its own right. The disaster was putting it against MiG-15s as an outdated kite. But although I consider myself an aerospace buff, I didn't realise it was indeed that old. So they hadn't learned of the Me-262 yet. That explains a lot And I guess nobody really expected the Spanish Inquisition of Soviets so quickly copying German aeroframe designs and British engines. Thank you for the reminder.
  11. Well, that's why I am gonna add one Kolibri. A Storkie would be overdoing even the overdoing. Too much guns on the deck. Having main hellbores.. er, guns reaching about 30 klicks would make even less sense if there was no forward observer with IR sights. RT models makes one in 1/72, although it is a hell to build. Almost more flash than the right stuff with all those tiny frames. And the fit is straight from Adolf's bottom. Maybe I'll add just a few Panzerblitz missiles under scratchbuilt winglettes to make it look a bit like a modern attack helo. Just to make the joke even worse And of course some W├╝rtzburg radar dishes for the AA targeting. Imagination sticking to realism is my cup of tea. I am the Lizard King. I can do anything... physically feasible.
  12. This is a bit offtopic, but the P-80 was a disaster. I can understand Gloster Meteor was designed with conventional straight wings. But by Korean war they have should known swept wings are a must in transonic flight, let alone supersonic. If from nothing else, then at least by operation Paperclip. Maybe the "liberated" German engineers held back intentionally to have an ace up their sleeve. In Russia you do not hold back, the back holds YOU!!! There is also a great documentary of the pilferring of the Rolls-Royce engine on Aerocinema. But I guess most if not all know that site already. I think it is the craziness and also ingenuity of the ideas is what fascinates most. Not any political motives. And maybe some romance that is shared by all humans. Like that poor sweetheart test pilot of the Natter.
  13. Jawohl, Herr Scarf├╝hrer. Still not making any political statements, but it is an amazing coincidence again we are or were both editors and reviewers. I used to be a game reviewer for the prominent Finnish computer games mag Pelit, which also had occasional movie reviews if they fit the scene well enough. Which means I got acquainted with lots of game and movie people around the world. Well, at least had a few pints with them. When Samuli and Timo were still struggling to get Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning finished, I had to convince the chief ed practically on my knees this thing is worth a story. And these guys will grow up from silly schoolboy humour to something greater. Perhaps not as grand as Peter Jackson with his Bad Taste. I admit In the Pirkinning or Iron Sky were not the greatest blockbusters rivaling LOTR, but they sure were worth believing in. I also believe they are gonna be a few years late as always, but they always do deliver. For better or worse. Maybe it is 'cos the guys booze even harder than me and need occasional detox to get back to work (just kidding). It is also an issue of budget. Around here a budget of 10 million euros is considered a major event. But it is also about production values. In Hollywood a lot goes into thin air with no real work or talent involved. One of the reasons BSG was done in Canada, but you know it as what you are or were. More bang for the buck. That aside, I do not think the model companies have any political motives. As nes4 told, the Modelcollect Ratte started as a kinda joke. I like jokes. Especially bad ones. The plot for Iron Sky started to form in sauna with some copious amounts of beer with a kind of contest "who has the craziest idea for the next movie?" If one sees political motives in that, I am afraid that has to be in one's own mind. Or has got a heatstroke. Modelcollect is just delivering what people want to buy. If one doesn't want to, anyone is free not to. As for your kid, I am nobody to tell you how to raise others' children. But I would suggest a good talkdown and ridiculing and laughing off the real neo-nazi bull instead of condemning it. As a father of a young woman of 25 studying now to be Frau Doktor Mengele, for me laughter always worked better. But so much for kitchen psychology and smalltalk spam. Finally back to the subject. They finally (almost) released the deck guns set for the bolo... excuse me, the Ratte. I don't really know what to think of it. On the other hand, it smells like releasing the weapons set separately is a scam to get one pay even more. On the other, it might be taken as a favour to build these while waiting for the chassis to be completed. I don't care, really. I am happy to build these little nasties while waiting. http://www.modelcollect.com/wwii-germany-landcruiser-p1000-ratte-weapon-set-pack
  14. Personally, I am waiting for the release to build just some insanely huge funny motherf*ucker with E-75 "picket ships" and other support vehicles, like bowsers, additional flakvierlings (they sure gonna need those), a Kolibri scout helo... And of course dozens of crew and staff buzzing around. Some in more or less amusing (but realistic) situations playing cards, in a smoke ring, drinking confiscated vodka, carrying stuff around. Now, as you all prolly know it is really hard to find figures not in combat poses, but just doing that everyday stuff. I surfed the net long and hard till I found the Germania Figuren Ardennen series. Really exquisite detail for 1/72 and perfect late war flecktarn gear. You can even see the teeny weeny stick of a smoke in one's hands. This will be a lifetime project, but I don't have to work anymore, as unfortunately my rich real estate investor wife died prematurely and I am the only heir. Sad. I miss her terribly But maybe I'll get a laugh of this.
  15. Yes, sir. It is evident you do have a problem. Ever heard of science fiction modeling? You think everything that is speculative fiction involving nazi technology is somehow neo-nazi? If I build a model of a Cylon raider, does it make me a Cylon? I suggest you lighten up a bit, and grab a copy of the Finnish SciFi movie Iron sky. If you think that is pro nazi, I must say I am truly astonished, SIR! Er, sergeant. At ease. Here, have a bite: