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  1. Mike one question on this kit, does it include all the parts of the single seater? Can one build a single seater one if he buys this kit, with the exception of the decals?
  2. Another recently finished model, a Hellenic Air Force Starfighter, using Hasegawa's kit with lots of resin parts from CMK, and a seat from Kasl, plus Eduard's FOD covers. The parachute housing is scratchbult.
  3. THank you both! Jean no, I did not use any masks, except for the gray of the undersides, the tan-forest green-dark green has been painted freehand with my airbrush, a Badger Sotar!
  4. After some time I am happy to post here again, this time with Monogram's F-105D, rescribed and painted freehand, hope you like it!
  5. Mike great job till now! I have a question, approximately how many mls of paintbdoes it need to cover? I want to make an order on akan paints, and want tonknow if 2x10 ml lacquers are enough!
  6. Thank you all guys! The kit was nice, but with the resin parts lots of modifications had to be done, that was a headache!
  7. Thank you all for your kind comments! You made me happy,as it took me over 2 months to build and finish it!
  8. My latest build, with cockpit and wheel bays from Aires, and exhausts from Wolfpack. Painted with Humbrol, Gunze Acrylics and Lacquers, and Alclad for the metallics. Hope you like it!
  9. First of all I want to thank you for your comments! They are of great importance to me, as I spent almost 2 months working on this model! Now, to your questions! Here is the underside: using as reference this photo from airliners.net : The blue gray is a strange mix of lifecolor's FS 35164, light gull gray and blue. I can't tell you exact portions as a friend gave me the mix of the two first and I just added the blue. For the probe now, it must be one of Kinetic's dozens of mistakes, I corrected the anhedral, the cockpit, the exhaust, the cone, the insignia colors, some antennas, probably it is the one left behind ''for good luck'' as we say here in Greece!
  10. Thank you all for your kind comments! Mark check the photo from the rear, the correction can be seen clearly!
  11. Another build I finished recently, using Wolfpack's cockpit, Aires' exhaust and Kasl's radome. Painted with Humbrol, Gunze and Lifecolor. Hope you like it!
  12. Thanks mates, glad to see you like it, I spent 1 1/2 month working on it!
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