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  1. Mike one question on this kit, does it include all the parts of the single seater? Can one build a single seater one if he buys this kit, with the exception of the decals?
  2. Another recently finished model, a Hellenic Air Force Starfighter, using Hasegawa's kit with lots of resin parts from CMK, and a seat from Kasl, plus Eduard's FOD covers. The parachute housing is scratchbult.
  3. THank you both! Jean no, I did not use any masks, except for the gray of the undersides, the tan-forest green-dark green has been painted freehand with my airbrush, a Badger Sotar!
  4. After some time I am happy to post here again, this time with Monogram's F-105D, rescribed and painted freehand, hope you like it!
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